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Alliance for Strong Families and Communities : I want justice and emancipation for Claudia Conway - Sign the Petition! via @Change

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Has anyone checked on @claudiamconwayy today? You ok girl? Keep us posted. #Mentalhealth #abusiveparent

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Replying to @enews: Let's get to work. 📍 The Oval Office @POTUS #InaugurationDay

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I wonder how long it will take to shake the “oh what now” flinch I have every time I hear “the President said”.
#BidenHarrisInauguration #InaugurationDay

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Let's get to work. 📍 The Oval Office @POTUS #InaugurationDay

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Only thing that would’ve made that better was if Bradley came out and kissed her after #GAGA #LadyGaga #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration

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I feel like I’m finally getting out of a terrible cable contract that someone tricked me into 4 years ago. #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Sooo #ArmieHammer was the real inspiration here

#inspiration #armiehammer

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All I’m saying is a friend wouldn’t let their kid name the new puppy “Armie” bc of encounters w #ArmieHammer

I didn’t ask questions at the time- but now I have answers. #yikes

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Quoted @KagomeHime369

Me, finishing #Bridgerton for the 25th time: *sigh* OK now what???

Netflix: Did we mention this is based on an 8 book series?


And by “book series” they mean “thirst trap” #Bridgerton

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Quoted @Gabrius07

This man could ruin my life and I’d thank His Grace. #Bridgerton

Heard 👏 that 👏

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How I imagine @andersoncooper reacting to @andy during commercial breaks - loving it.

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I’m obsessed with when @andy and @andersoncooper call each other sweetie 😍 #CNNNYE

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Bro @cnn not working in Alexandria/DC whyyyyyyt 😩😩 the only thing I wanted to see was @Andy @andersoncooper

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“Long story short it was a bad time”

2020 in a nutshell.

At least @taylorswift13 was there for us. #NewYearsEve #2021year

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Uhhhh @andersoncooper @andy what happened?!! @CNN is down #CNNNYE

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I’ll say it for you @andy -every time we see baby Wyatt take a shotski #CNNNYE

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lol love @andy and @andersoncooper ps Andy are you drunk already?!! Thanks for cheering us up already #CNNNYE

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Is this some kind of weird trick? I feel like it’s a trick. 🧐

Trump asks Congress to amend $900-billion COVID-19 stimulus package

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Let it go down in history that Art Vandalay and Todd Kraines are the best pranksters ever #KUWTK @ScottDisick @khloekardashian

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