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The more Republicans reflect on their youth and the minimum wage, the more it seems they don't know how inflation works.

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Quoted @Jim_Jordan

President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party.

There's a lot to declarations like these, but I'm struck by the recent history: when Carter and HW Bush lost after one term, their parties had no interest in treating them as conquering heroes to be celebrated.

But after Trump lost by 7 million votes...

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As business leaders endorse the Dems' COVID relief package, Republicans are quickly running out of friends.

Lindsey Graham insists the bill is "bad politics" for Dems. That's ridiculous.

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As Senate Republicans raise the specter of Democratic "politicization" of the Justice Dept, the problem isn't just the Trump era; it's also the Bush/Cheney era.

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Congrats to @CitizenCohn, whose new book comes out today. I consider it the authoritative book on the politics and policy of the ACA.

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Quoted @kylegriffin1

Republican Ron Johnson just finished reading excerpts from a column that blamed the insurrection on antifa, saying that it was staged by "provocateurs." That is a lie. A senator is spreading disinformation in a Senate hearing.

Occasional reminder: Senate Republicans thought it'd be a good idea to put Ron Johnson in charge of the Senate Homeland Security Committee for six years.

That was ... unwise.

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How is "Cancun Cruz" trying to climb out of his ditch? By digging in on a deceptive culture-war game - signaling to the right that he cares more targeting political enemies than governing.

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Lindsey Graham increasingly sees Trump as a means to an end: Trump is a tool to help the GOP win elections, irrespective of policy, principle, or propriety.

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"The election was not stolen, correct?" is not a trick question. It matters that the #2 House Republican, even now, still can't answer it correctly.

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Quoted @NBCPolitics

JUST IN: Sen. Manchin says he opposes Neera Tanden's nomination to lead OMB:

"I believe her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director of [OMB]."

Among the Trump nominees Manchin voted to confirm, indifferent to their "overtly partisan statements":
Jeff Sessions
Mike Pompeo
Bill Barr
Brett Kavanaugh
Ric Grenell (who was effectively a professional online troll for quite a while)

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Quoted @laurenboebert

Protecting and defending the Constitution doesn’t mean trying to rewrite the parts you don’t like.

Boebert is currently co-sponsoring two constitutional amendments - banning abortion and imposing term limits - suggesting she's OK with rewriting parts of the Constitution she doesn't like.

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Even if Republicans were to somehow move on from their failed former president, it's still a post-policy party with no substantive agenda and little interest in governing.

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After the latest report on unemployment claims, the need for the COVID relief package appears all the more obvious.

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Wait, are we supposed to believe rascally liberals snuck into Texas and overhauled the state's energy policies while Republicans weren't paying attention?

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As the Biden era gets underway, Republicans are off to a schismatic start:
- GOP vs Marjorie Taylor Greene
- GOP vs Liz Cheney
- House members vs House GOP leaders
- Senate members vs Senate GOP leaders
- Trump vs McConnell

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Ron Johnson apparently thought it'd be wise to downplay a deadly attack on his own country's Capitol, while parsing the meaning of the word "armed." He was mistaken.

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Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are learning the same lesson: for many Republicans, shielding Trump from consequences is important, but it's not enough.

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Quoted @maddow

"He is the kind of politician whose reputation rests almost entirely on tone. His brand of "moderation" is one in which the senator rarely actually does anything moderate."

Every time someone celebrates Ohio's Rob Portman as a "moderate," an angel loses its wings.

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My new book - The Impostors: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics - has a new landing page at MSNBC, complete with links to excerpts, video clips, reviews, an audiobook sample, the works.

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