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Having a mid day crisis. Should I get a dog or a tattoo?

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I’m enough of a child that I’m having a grilled cheese for dinner but enough of an adult that I used a variety of cheeses and amazing bread.

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One day I hope to love my job as much as the man who runs the @washingtonpost TikTok account seems to love his.

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Leave it to Republicans to receive letters about the insurrection and still find a way to yell about Antifa and BLM. @RepBillJohnson you are the worst.

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Petition to make Michelle the new bachelorette and her students the new Chris Harrison #Bachelor

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I can’t forgive this show for making me sit through another zoom call today. It was cute but still #Bachelor

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To everyone giving up things for lent, did y’all not lose enough in 2020??

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In a shocking turn of events, it seems I have overreacted.

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The energy Matt brought to eliminations this week #Bachelor

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Me watching Matt pretend to care about anyone other than Rachel #TheBachelor

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Sad for all the kids that will now grow up with online learning days instead of snow days.

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Two months from now I’m gonna have to explain to the OSU residency office that I’d rather starve than go outside to buy groceries in this weather.

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ICarly on @netflix is cool and all but where’s Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh??

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Me after doing the bare minimum

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Being a millennial/gen z cusper is knowing you have mental health issues, but thinking the therapy you did when you were 15 fixed it for life.

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American school systems make math really hard to learn then ask us once a year to CALCULATE how much we owe the government. It’s like they know we’re gonna get it wrong and be too dumb to notice.

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Why is tech support never as supportive as I need it to be??

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I’m sorry - why did I just learn that Mitch McConnell’s actual first name is Addison?!?! Why is no one talking about this??

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Quoted @edhelms

Americans owe $1.6 TRILLION in student debt. INSANE!

@RepresentUs and I made a short film about how our corrupt political system got us here, and how we can FIX IT with the #ForThePeopleAct. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy. Then let’s get to work 👍

Replying to @DustinWMilligan: You've always known Ed Helms is smarter than you, but did you know he's ALSO helping to save the country with @represe

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You've always known Ed Helms is smarter than you, but did you know he's ALSO helping to save the country with @representus via the #ForThePeopleAct?

I mean, what's next, a funny and sobering video about the Student Loan Debt Crisis??? Yes actually. 👇👇👇

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