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The greatest success comes at the moment when you least expect it. And then you realize what you are made of.
#businessgrowth #Motivation

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Are you ready to learn new skills to thrive?
Look at this squirrel. Do you think she knew how to use a straw?
She found a way, because she needed a drink.
What will you do, because you need to?
#businessgrowth #Motivation

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Replying to @mlmleadrush: Check the following decent quote

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Check the following decent quote

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I'm so happy to share that one of my client sites has been featured and published in the Spark - Creative Inspiration Anthology 2019 Edition by @Showit. #showitdesigner #published #website

Replying to @showit: Our Creative Anthology is hitting Amazon this week!

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Our Creative Anthology is hitting Amazon this week!

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"There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success." Heather Bresch #quotes

I would rather say - you don't have to work hard to become successful, you just need to work smart.
Strategically pick your goals and design actionable steps to reach those goals.
#mondaythoughts #MondayMotivation #business

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Looking for a book to read on #designthinking. Can anyone recommend a good one? #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts

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Some websites have more issues than @vogue
#seo #Website #Web #mondaythoughts #Monday

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If there is one #color you can attrubute to the term #future, which one would it be? When you think about the future, which is the first color that pops into your mind?
#futureofwork #futurist #Futurism

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What do you do when things go awry? Do you manage client expectations prior to hiccups or do you do damage management instead?

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Reports of pages being delisted from Google, then returning a few hours later. Had one example myself. #dontpanic #staycalm #googleupdate

It's not the end of the world when this happens. Just a glitch, but explain that to a client 😅

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These are the worst 10 WordPress mistakes that could ruin your creative or photography business website! #WordPress #blogging

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Even if your hosting company claims they make backups for you (most of them do), don’t just rely on that. #showit #weddingphotography #prophoto #wordpresstips #blogtips #websitetips

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Wondering if a #newsletter will help you in growing your blog or business? #businesstips #marketing #blogtips #emailmarketing

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This page is one of the most important pages that need to contain content tailored to your niche and audience. #websitedesign #blogging

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While it is understandable you want your website to showcase high-quality work to visitors, it is not a good idea to upload your work in high resolution. #photography #photographers #websitedesigner #blogtips #websitetips #wordpress

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One of the most important thing for your brand is not only the visual design but your verbiage as well. There never should be a disconnect between your branding and your voice. A successful brand will always interconnect both voice and visual communication. #brand

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