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Impeached TWICE!! 不

The most impeached president to ever hold office is going to prison. Period, enough said.

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If one-third of Republicans leave their party, then two-thirds will still carry on the Grand Old Party traditions.

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As part of tradition the outgoing President usually writes a letter to the incoming President and leaves it in the Resolute Desk.

A confidential source was able to get a picture of Trumps parting letter...

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NEW: The NRA is filing for bankruptcy and moving to Texas in a major restructuring

The NRA will need more than thoughts and prayers with their new Texas structure.

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Them Marshall Law folk got them some Superior Jeans 尹

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A Native American woman I know said that she and her friends have jokingly named this guy Dances with Karens and I find that pretty darn funny. (No offense to the decent Karens in the world, of course.)

Dances with Karens 不

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Trump has been a real record breaker:

Only President impeached twice

Only 29% of Americans approve of him

Most court cases lost disputing an election

Most lies told by ANY person whos ever held office

Most money ever made via emoluments

Most money grifted from followers

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@OleanderNectar #FranklinsPurse pays him over $700,000 per year. For what?

For religious based grift. It's what false prophets/profits do.

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White House set to receive deep cleaning ahead of inauguration.

Several members of the clergy have also been summoned to perform exorcisms until all the evil is cleared. This phase of the cleanup will require the greatest effort.

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James Comey can suck an enormous green donkey phallus.

Let's NEVER forget how he purposely tossed the investigation grenade at HRC just before the 2016 election.

via @thedailybeast

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If you want there to be healing, you must first cleanse out the infection.

Donald J Trump - Disgraced and impeached twice needs to be cleansed from our nation.

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The closing argument by Steny Hoyer is on target

Republicans have tried to align themselves with Trump for personal profit and political gain.

His speech makes the strongest case yet for impeachment.

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Rep. Anna Eshoo really has that bling going on.

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There it is, Trump still owns McCarthy.

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David Cicilline is on .


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Tom McClintock is trying to say Trump specifically asked his lynch mob to peacefully protest ONLY, and is calling everyone else who saw anything else the lunatic fringe.

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Jim Jordan is trying his level best to paint the same man who provoked an insurrection as the greatest president our country has ever seen.

Great Presidents dont try to attack our country using domestic terrorism as his tool.

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To Republican House Representatives that show the courage to stand up against the tyranny of a president hellbent on destroying our country, I applaud you, & offer an olive branch of healing.

To the rest of the Insurrection Republicans, GO FUCK YOURSELVES, NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

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Since #MAGATerrorists have vowed to descend upon DC and all 50 state capitals fully armed with promises of war, I certainly hope the National Guard is issued live rounds instead of rubber bullets and riot gear, otherwise they might be easily overwhelmed.

Really glad to hear the National Guard has been issued live rounds to defend our country against the MAGA traitors who think their pathetic wannabe pseudo-army will try and intimidate our military and try to pull another attack against us. 綾

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Just 2 days prior to the terrorist attack on our nations Capital Ted Cruz was busy whipping up the Trump mob into a frenzy. Now he and his wife Heidi are shedding crocodile tears for the officer who died because of his participation in this. #RESIGNCRUZ

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