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Raymond Miller

Ti-Cats, Blue Jays and Sharks. I know disappointment.

Brantford, Ontario

Joined on 29 June, 2010

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Going to the 10th tied up. I love #curling! #Scotties2021

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Quoted @MichaelMatteoRo

Who is the greatest fictional film character of all time?

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It sucks that @TSN_Sports has decided #curling leads don't deserve any shine or TV time. Ends can be won and lost on those first four stones. #LeadsArePeopleToo #Scotties2021

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How does @DanhausenAD not have a blue check? John Cena has one, and he's not nearly as evil as Danhausen. He's very nice, though.

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Quoted @jackiekashian

Aliens ... heysus

Training Day. Not sure what to make of that.

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I'm not sure there is any one voice I associate more with one sport than #VicRauter and #curling. #SCOTTIES2021 #TournamentofHearts #TSN

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Quoted @MLB

.@fangraphs has announced their projected postseason odds. πŸ‘€

Let us know what you think ⬇️

Being an Orioles fan has to just suck beyond all measure.

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McAfee tried to warn all of you about that snake Adam Cole. #PatMcAfeeWasRight #NXTTakeoverVengeanceDay

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How did it take #WWE this long to realize #BobbyLashley should just be an absolute destroyer? #WWERaw

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As first reported by @stevecook84, Tom Brady is returning for another season in Tampa Bay. Steve "Scoops" Cook.

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HAND THE TROPHY TO A PLAYER OR THE HEAD COACH, ASSHOLES! We know these teams are just action figures for billionaires, but leave us a little bit of our delusions. #SuperBowl

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Oh, fuck me! CTV just played the wrong Championship gear ad. Idiots. #SuperBowl

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Quoted @raymiller80

His last two #SuperBowl appearances have, to this point, seen Brady's defenses go 118 minutes without giving up a TD. But, yeah... make sure all glory goes to Tom.

Now it's two full #SuperBowl appearances.

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"Half the distance" is one of the more bullshit rules in the #NFL. If there is room to enforce the entire penalty, do that. If not, back it up the the 1. #SuperBowl

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The director and sound engineer should be canned for this. This is being presented and mixed horrifically. #SuperBowl #HalfTimeShow

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Playing defense against Brady? That's a penalty. #SuperBowl

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That woman can fucking SHRED. Well done, H.E.R.! #SuperBowl

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If Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes tested asymptomatically positive for Covid today, would the world EVER find out about it? #SBLV #ChiefsKingdom #TompaBay

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