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RIP Hammerin’ Hank

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Replying to @the_ironsheik: GET THE FUCKING TABLES READY BUBBA!!! #BillsMafia

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There’s something special going on in Buffalo right now!! Guess everyone will be back on the #BillsMafia band wagon cause we moving on to the #AFCChampionship game! #MafiaMountUp @BuffaloBills

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It seems like after 1 week they bailing on us — it’s time to remind everyone! #MafiaMountUp #BillsMafia 🏈🔴⚪️🔵🏈 via @YouTube

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Learn from your mistakes — Bills almost gave me a heart attack — but these aren’t the Bills of old!! On to the next step!! #BillsMafia

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It’s time to start our dance to the championship! #YouCantTouchThis #BillsMafia

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It’s going to suck tomorrow to have to share the passing of John Huber with boy! He provided him with maybe what he’s said has been his scariest moment — he’s running around with the phone in the black between two camera man — before jumping back! #RIPBrodyLee #RIPLukeHarper

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Damn he was our home town champ from the Roc and @AEW champ to the rest! RIP John! Prayers for your family and friends! #RIPJonHuber #RipBrodieLee

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⏰⏰ Ending soon this: Nick Senzel 2020 Bowman Platinum Icy Foil Parallel #38 ~~ #Reds ⚾️⚾️ @eBay #BaseballCards@Topps⁩ ⁦@Reds

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Barkley has been on 🔥🔥🔥 with the flat stick these last couple holes! #TheMatch

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Caleb with the two out, bases clearing hit on this beautiful night for some fall ball!! ⚾️⚾️

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Caleb showing off his game ball from last night! He had his first hit where for a minute the thought that this may leave the Park was really there! #GameBall

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Riley with a laser in the 9th! #StirItUp #ForTheA #Braves

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4 chips. 4 MVPs. 3 Teams. 👑👑 @KingJames

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I think I’m turning into a LeBron fan — but never a Lakers fan! Either way have to pay respect where it’s due! Congrats to the Lakers on a another NBA World Championship! It will be a season to remember — from Mamba to COVID they stayed strong! #LakeShow

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It took a while but the Braves finally got them bats going against Miami! #ForTheA

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Check out Joe Williams 2017 Donruss Optic #34 ~~ #49ers 🏈🏈 @eBay #WhoDoYouCollet #TheHobby #FootballCards@49ers

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When you start fall ball and they still don’t have your size jersey — then right before the second inning starts he gets a special delivery — now you look like the rest of the team kid! ⚾️⚾️ #PlayBall

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Replying to @Braves: 🗣 M! V! FREE!


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How can you not love Freddie? What a #BravesMoment. #ULTRAMoment via @MichelobUltra

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🗣 M! V! FREE!


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