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Tell me you use MIUI without telling me you use MIUI.

I'll start: My Wallpaper moves when i swipe. #miuilife

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Caption challenge: Why did you tell people I can reverse charge their Phones! Now we are stuck. #miuilife
btw you can download this wallpaper now

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Pssst, we just added a few wallpapers you might like. Explore the work of Van Gogh in the #miui Themes app. A new series of #Rijksmuseum limited wallpapers is available for download now!

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Send me your favorite wallpaper, and I'll guess what you do for a living and the decade you belong to. Here is mine, send me your guess. #miuilife

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It's time to see some hidden features. #miuilife

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The beach is calling my name.

The smell of the salty water and the sound of gentle roar from the waves, what's not to love?

Credit to Jo OE (FB)

#miui #miuilife

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Our brain can read jumbled letters as long as the first and last letters are correct?
Give it a try?😎

#miuilife #miui

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Light up your world from the eyes of a photographer✨
Just join our photography group and show us what you've got!


Credit to Mar Jha Nah Otto/ Carlos Mesa /Moi Blanca /Muhammad Rusdi (FB)

#miui #miuilife #Xiaomi #Photography

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Happy Valentine's Day! It's time to share LOVE.🥳
We have received love from Mi fans from all over the world. 🥰
Here we share some love letters handwritten by Mi fans in the Mi community.

#miui #miuilife

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#valentinesday What's your status?

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Did you know you can charge other phones with your Xiaomi phone?

Watch this charging inception and share the power.

#miui #miuilife #Xiaomi #reversecharging

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How addicted are you to your phone?🤳
How much time do you spend on your phone?😎
A. Less than 6 hours
B. Between 6-8 hours
C. More than 8 hours
Check your phone and comment below!🧐

#miuilife #miui

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If you can get a dollar every time this happen, how rich are you gonna be? 😆
6 bucks every night for me. Cha ching!

#miui #miuilife

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Do you know how to activate Super Wallpaper with your Xiaomi phone?
Watch this tutorial to start your journey to the universe.
#miui #miuilife #Xiaomi

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Coming in hot and sizzling, our official sneak peek into MIUI 12.5. More Super Wallpaper, a brand new notes app, better battery life. Let us know your favorite

#xiaomi #miui

 771  52  76  Download

Here comes what you care about the most, the release schedule. Stay tuned to the MIUI website for more update info.

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Be more creative with MIUI 12.5 revemped NOTES app.
Check out link in BIO for more

#miui #xiaomi #Faster #Smoother #Lighter

 938  42  78  Download

A dedicated thread to render gestures. A smoother MIUI.
Check out link in BIO for more

#miui #xiaomi #Faster #Smoother #Lighter

 498  13  29  Download

A lighter and faster operating system! Less CPU usage, less power consumption. MIUI 12.5 brings an improved battery life to your phone!

#miui #xiaomi #Faster #Smoother #Lighter

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