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Quoted @VeeKativhu

slowly visualising the woman I want to be & showing up as her every👏🏾damn👏🏾day👏🏾. 💫

my daily inspo💛🧡

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Had a meeting with a business owner bringing out a sick Black history game this year, and an event speaking all about editing, writing and Black history with @Etregirls today, and my heart feels so warm.

Good, spirit nourishing days over everything ☀️💛

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Quoted @DionneGrant

Winston Duke will play Marcus Garvey, a Black nationalist, leader of the Pan-Africanism movement and Jamaica’s National Hero, in Amazon’s “Marked Man”. The script is by acclaimed playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah and will be directed by Andrew Dosunmu


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Replying to @CorbynistaTeen: I have nothing to say.

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Replying to @libthroughthis: The work @sofiaakel has done with @BooksCampaign getting free books to young people in Lewisham Schools has been amazin…

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Where are the literary fiction agents at? Don't work on fiction myself but just read some incredible writing and wanna get this writer an agent ASAP.

Holler if you like the works of Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, Kei Miller etc.

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I have nothing to say.

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The truth of the matter is Shamima is British and as a result she is Britain's responsibility. She should receive treatment in Britain and be de-radicalised in Britain. That this nation thinks relinquishing one's citizenship will solve a deep-rooted problem here is worrying.

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Judges etc. should have training in CSE + grooming to understand how victims who have been radicalised behave imo. Shamima's behaviour reflects a type of victimhood that many don't recognise because it doesn't fit in to their idea of what an abused child looks like.

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It's deep because whilst the Supreme Court makes these decisions, organisations that effectively try to combat CSE/grooming (which Shamima was a victim of) are being underfunded. Britain loves punishment over active prevention.

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We all know if Shamima was white, she would have been envisioned as the 'damsel in distress' taken under duress. That Shamima couldn't use white womanhood as a weapon means people see Shamima as a symbol of something, not a person who had been groomed or radicalised.

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It's why we see how different kinds of radicalised behaviours are countered. PREVENT fails to recognise how teen (predominantly white) boys are becoming radicalised to commit acts of sexual violence, the rise of white supremacy online or the allure of County lines / CSE

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Quoted @SkyNewsBreak

Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK to pursue an appeal against the removal of her British citizenship, the Supreme Court has ruled

The racism in this country's institutions runs so insidiously deep

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Quoted @sabbydoux

I don’t think I have ever felt worse for a fictional character. 😭😫 #BehindHerEyes

my guy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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chloe x halle are constantly raising the bar.

bigs ups to the choreographers, creative directors, stylists etc. who are WORKINGGG to create magic like this

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I love my authors so damn much

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Quoted @NafisaBakkar

Buying immigrant parents expensive things build thick skin, cos you'll buy something and they will be like "it's okay" 😂

Or when they say "this is nice" then turn around five mins later going "you could have got me X"

Where is the gratitude pls

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Quoted @BooksCampaign

In under a year, we have donated 800+ books around the UK! We are now fundraising to help us continue our important work for another year.

If you can, please consider helping us to reach £10k Party popper

The work @sofiaakel has done with @BooksCampaign getting free books to young people in Lewisham Schools has been amazing. When you see stats about young people not reading, it’s often due to cost, access, and content - this campaign is fighting these inequalities. Please donate!

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Quoted @SquarePegBooks

We are thrilled to reveal the cover of #FckIThinkImDying by the incredible @ClaireyLove! Claire takes us on a journey of everything she knows about panic, mental health and how she handles it all.

Available for pre-order on @AmazonUK now!

So proud to be publishing this at @SquarePegBooks. @ClaireyLove has written an honest, raw + hilarious book about panic.

For anyone who been through it with their mental health, this book is a balm, a vital tool + an ode to living with panic and not letting it rule you. 💙❤️

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Book babies are out! V. proud to share that I worked on Timelines of Everyone and Timelines of Black History and both are out today. Thanks to the @dkbooks crew for their brilliant work on this. Lil' thread to follow below.

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