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new song “tragic melodies” below. it’s a decently dope acoustic jam.

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I think this will be the cover art for my song “Satellite”. Thoughts?

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Replying to @AlbertEinstein: Is it really that cold?! #MittenBernie

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Is it really that cold?! #MittenBernie

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Or any of my songs really. Thanks y’all

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For my birthday, I’m asking my dear Twitter friends to stream my cover of “save your tears” so I might make the Apple Music top 200 pop chart! Please and thank you !!

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Very cool indeed! Happy birthday everyone! I’m doing my best to have a stress free day and smile as much as I can!

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It’s my 35th birthday starting now. Not looking for attention, just shocked that I’m fkn 35 years of age right now. I need to pre order my cyborg so I can make it another 300-500 years or so. I want to keep going and going.

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Snake hop jazz (occupy mars) Hoodie and shirts available if anyone wants them! @Kristennetten

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I released an official piano cover of @theweeknd’s hit song “Save your Tears” and would really appreciate if you could hook a bro up with a download or maybe a 5 star rating if you think I did a good job. Thanks I’m advance

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Apple Music -

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My officially licensed piano cover of “Save your Tears” by @theweeknd is available now!

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When she posts “having a bad day”. Lol

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Music tip of the day

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Any of my Twitter friends live in Austria by chance?

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Here’s the full video with bonus footage! Flunky the Clown - Runnin' a Muck (Official Music Video - Bonus Scenes)

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My best friend Ryan wanted to make a song and music video as his character “Flunky the clown”. So I wrote the music and lyrics, directed and edited the video and came up with this! (I’m the Tinman)

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@elonmusk @teslaownersSV @justpaulinelol Hey Elon can I get a spot at the next rave? This one is called, “Aw jeez Rick”

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