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Jesus, I love you. Not like I should, not like I could...but I desire, to love you more.❤️

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Today, I am a child of God. Not a perfect one, or a consistent one, yet still...a child of God.🙏🏾

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How arrogant of me to think that I have to know everything that God knows before I choose to trust Him.

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God can’t fully bless you , if God can’t fully change you.❤️.

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God loves you... and refuses to share you with any other gods. He’s jealous for you❤️.

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Some of you have worried so much that you don’t know how to NOT worry. Stop. Today tell God you trade in your worry and upgrade to His rest.🙏🏾

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Whether it’s our troubles, or it’s us, God is always changing something.❤️.

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God has given you the power to choose your actions... He HAS NOT given you the power to choose the CONSEQUENCES from your actions. So today choose well.❤️

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Funny how the older you get, the less bandwidth you have for other people’s excuses.

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A righteous man may have many troubles...but the Lord delivers him from them all
-Psalm 34:19.🖤.

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My heart hurts for the fatal traffic accident in my hometown of ft worth Texas.... 133 cars....6 souls lost... sad sad day🙏🏾

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The emotion of love has nothing to do with the FACT of love... just dropping a little 'love' here.
@breakfastclubam Love yall!
Good Words with Kirk Franklin podcast.. #outnow #linkinbio

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There isn’t a white death, Black Death, poor death, or rich death. We all die the same: with our hands empty. If death is our common denominator, how can we make life the same? COMPASSION.❤️.

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Whether I will trust trust God or worry, today the choice is mine.🙏🏾❤️.

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We only want to follow Christ when we like where He’s if God is only good when life is. Maybe why we Christians today don’t have a lot of muscle, because we refuse to lift the heavy weights of life.🙏🏾

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“I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, or their children begging for bread”-Psalm 37:25. God will provide❤️.

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It’s my birthday 😊

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