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Quoted @TechCrunch

Deliveroo posted narrowed loss of $309M, with gross transactions surging to $5.7B in 2020, EITF shows by @ingridlunden

The countdown to Deliveroo's IPO in April is on - prospectus will come in 2 weeks. Today, new numbers are out underscoring how huge last year was for the company.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

UK challenger bank Starling raises $376M, now valued at $1.9B by @ingridlunden

Every day should be "international women's day" BUT in one sign of how far we have come, and it being #IWD2021, here's a story about a fintech -- male dominated field -- founded and led by a woman getting a huge cash infusion today. Still lots more to do.

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Quoted @johnbiggs

The new NFT stands for Neapolitan Fusilli Token

Putting the "funghi" back into fungible.

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Quoted @alex

one reason why i am not super bullish on NFTs rn -- and I am sure I will be wrong in time -- is that they seem again focused on speculative value (ie artificial scarcity) which is kinda boring to me

I'm with you -- and up the ante to include all crypto -- but that doesn't mean it's not a motivator for a ton of co's right now, and that it's not going to turn heads for a while to come. I mean, hell, the stock market has been around for hundreds of years.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

IFC backs Bolt with $24M to expand its transportation network in emerging markets by @ingridlunden

IFC has backed a lot of fintech startups but transportation is as significant to economic development, if not more in some regards. Bolt's focus on emerging markets gets a boost here.

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Miami Nice

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Dooly closes on $20M for AI-based tools to help salespeople with their busywork by @ingridlunden

Very telling that two of the investors in the Series A are the founder and a senior exec at UiPath. Dooly feels like RPA sized down to individuals but scaled up to more complex data requiring input. Actually quite interesting (for nerds like me, or sales ppl I suppose!).

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Looped raises $7.7M to expand its interactive live event platform by @ingridlunden

I don't think we've seen the end of companies building tech to enable more interesting/innovative live-streaming services right-sized to the new demands/consumer habits that have emerged in the last year. This one has had some pretty impressive traction so one to watch IMO.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

'Flying taxi' startup Volocopter picks up another $241M, says service is now two years out by @ingridlunden

Biggest funding round to date for this e-VTOL maker, from investors it hopes will kickstart its ecosystem (not just finance it). Key strategy in what is still an untested market that relies on getting AI/mechanical tech, economics, and market interest, right. tip @Techmeme

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Quoted @ariehkovler

@ingridlunden that they have better lobbyists?

almost certainly, yes.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

EBay and Adevinta to sell UK sites Gumtree, and Shpock to get their $9.2B deal past regulators by @ingridlunden

We don't think of eBay as a tech force to be reckoned with these days, and yet two of its divested assets have in the last month become the focus of antitrust actions. What does that say about the genuinely formidable co's out there?

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Czech on-demand grocery delivery startup Rohlik bags $230M to expand across Europe by @ingridlunden

Big round for one of the more promising of the many online grocery delivery startups now operating in Europe. It values Rohlik, which has so far been profitable, at $720 million. Bigger story here:

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Quoted @alex

i contributed photos to this and didn't make the cut, which i view as a pretty substantial internal burn

TIL I think I might be the only person at TC who just uses her laptop plain and simple. My home office setup involves: slightly messy desk, laptop, 2 phones, AirPods, black cat behind laptop propping up screen, light. Maybe I could be on an "unlist".

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Istanbul's Dream Games snaps up $50M and launches its first game, the puzzle-based Royal Match by @ingridlunden

Notable round: part of the wave of mobile gaming startups coming out of Istanbul + the biggest Series A ever for any Turkish startup. Great to see the v. abundant opportunity that is tech continuing to be democratized (yes, there's way more room for more). tip @Techmeme

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Bessemer Venture Partners closes on $3.3 billion across two funds by @bayareawriter and @ingridlunden

From last night... news of yet another huge VC fund (or in this case two) closing. A lot of money continues to be poured into tech, pandemic and whatever economic uncertainty that has brought notwithstanding.

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Click for the surreal GIF, stay for the good Equity podcast news.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Francisco Partners is acquiring MyHeritage, sources say for $600M by @ingridlunden

PR for MyHeritage confirmed this before we published, but story now updated with more details. DNA and genealogy (and data data data 😬) continue to be big business. tip @Techmeme

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Replying to @romaindillet: Interesting counter-cycle programming happening in Spain as France, the UK and Germany now suffer from various degrees of…

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Interesting counter-cycle programming happening in Spain as France, the UK and Germany now suffer from various degrees of tech backlash (a divided society with rich startup kids vs. everyone else)

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Co-working Friday with Pepper and Magic

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