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From the slopes to the ships, this weekend’s lineup is one packed with adventure. What are you most excited to watch with us? Let us know in the replies!

#TwoForTheWin: TONIGHT at 9pm/8c
Ships in the Night: A #MarthasVineyardMystery: Tomorrow at 8pm/7c.

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Returning to his hometown will take Justin on a life-changing ski adventure! See what happens TONIGHT at 9pm/8c during the premiere of #TwoForTheWin starring @TrevDon and #CharlotteSullivan. Tweet along using #TwoForTheWin. ✨ #NewYearNewMovies

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Come aboard for a Christmas story like no other as Maddie @jen_lilley solves a decades-old mystery romance, and may just discover a romance of her own. Christmas Friday starts NOW with #USSChristmas! @The_USO

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#Hearties, we can't wait to head back to Hope Valley with you on February 21 on @HallmarkChannel at 9/8c! Check out exclusive photos straight from the #WhenCallsTheHeart Season 8 set and get an inside look at what's to come! Here's a hint: 🔔💗🔔

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When professional skier Justin @TrevDon returns to his hometown without a coach, his ex-best friend agrees to coach him back to the top. Can they find happily Everest after together?

Watch tomorrow at 9pm/8c during the premiere of #TwoForTheWin!

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As a writer, Maddie @jen_lilley is always looking for her next story – but she never realized that the one she writes would lead her to love. Tune in tonight for the Christmas Fridays presentation of #USSChristmas at 8pm/7c.

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#Hallmarkies, it’s time to get warm and cozy this weekend for the Winter Movie Countdown starting Sunday 9am/8c! Drop us a ⛄ if you will be watching!

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#Hallmarkies: It’s time to head to the heart of Texas with @reba and her fun family. Watch #Reba on weekdays starting at 5am/4c!

Replying to @quigzbackunder2: Starting 1/19. Love love LOVE Reba

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He may be a skiing professional, but Justin @trevdon has a lot to learn when it comes to living in the moment. Watch Kayla #CharlotteSullivan help him let loose in #TwoForTheWin Saturday at 9pm/8c. Part of New Year New Movies!

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Starting 1/19. Love love LOVE Reba

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Fun fact: @TrevDon is actually a lifelong skier! See him put his skills to the test this Saturday at 9pm/8c in the adventurous #TwoForTheWin. Part of New Year New Movies! 🎿

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Replying to @Mamaw1521: Who is ready for #TwoForTheWin with @TrevDon on @hallmarkchannel at 9:00pm Saturday night?

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Replying to @kathy121255: @Mamaw1521 @TrevDon @hallmarkchannel Looking forward to this 😉☺️😊

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@Mamaw1521 @TrevDon @hallmarkchannel Looking forward to this 😉☺️😊

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An all-expenses paid vacation makes Joe @brooksdarnell feel like a million bucks – but when people start to believe he might just be a millionaire, he finds himself at a crossroads.

Tune in January 23 for #AWinterGetaway! Part of New Year New Movies!

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Who is ready for #TwoForTheWin with @TrevDon on @hallmarkchannel at 9:00pm Saturday night?

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When Justin @trevdon left town for his skiing career, he left a lot of people behind them. Is his ex-best friend Kayla #CharlotteSullivan ready to forgive him? See for yourself when you tune in Saturday at 9pm/8c for the Hallmark Channel Original Premiere #TwoForTheWin. 🎿

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Kayla #CharlotteSullivan is a lady of many talents – can she teach her wayward friend a thing or two? Find out Saturday when the Hallmark Channel Original Premiere #TwoForTheWin airs at 9pm/8c. ❄️

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Take a look #behindthescenes at the making of the Hallmark Channel Original Premiere #TwoForTheWin to get exclusive details about this weekend’s movie! Tune in Saturday at 9pm/8c to see @trevdon & #CharlotteSullivan hit the slopes (and maybe hit it off, too!) New Year New Movies!

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There’s a new episode from @thebubblysesh recapping all of the fun from this weekend’s Hallmark Channel Original Premiere #ANewYearsResolution! Will you be listening? We hope you said ‘yes!’

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Leaving his hometown many years ago made Justin @trevdon forget his roots, but seeing an old friend #CharlotteSullivan is going to teach him more than he thought he needed. See what happens in the Hallmark Channel Original Premiere #TwoForTheWin Saturday at 9pm/8c.

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