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If you’ve got this on your wrist, you’re part of a community 28+ million strong. Tag us @fitbit so we can see and celebrate all your moves.

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Anyone who says less is more may need to get familiar with these healthy gains. Swipe for some easy ways to take your nutrition to the next level.

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More variety keeps your workout routine feeling fresh, so stock up on fitness equipment that gets you hyped to sweat 🔥 #fitness #workout #motivation

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Qualities you gained in 2020 that will make 2021 better: #newyearnewgains

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Pick a word, any word. Because when you shift your mindset from losing to gaining, your resolutions go from *blah* to *boo YAH* #newyear #newyearnewgains

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Accessory game, level 100. #wearamask

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Looking to start a new workout routine this #newyear? Fitbit Premium is featured as one of the best workout apps for exercise anywhere: . Thank you @SELFmagazine!

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2021—the year of ✨YOU ✨ There’s no better time to focus on all the good you can gain for your health & fitness. More energy. More insights. More feeling stronger each day. It’s about so much more than what you want to lose. How are you getting the most out of the next 365?🎉

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When the smartwatch strikes midnight…HAPPY NEW YEAR! You probably don’t need to set an alarm for this one 🥳 #newyears #newyearseve #2021

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Baby, it’s cold outside. Just ask Google for the forecast before you take on the flurries. #HeyGoogle

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5 Stretches to Help Counteract the Effects of Sitting:

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Your world may look different from years past, but here’s to spreading joy near and far. And to gifting yourself a solid sweat when the food coma wears off. #Christmas

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Raise the roof with those you love, even if you’re not under the same one. Merry music on your wrist makes it happen 🎶What songs keep your family rocking through the holidays?

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A little twinkle here, a bold red there. Hello, festive accessories.

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The longest night of the year is upon us ⏰so tuck in and take off to dreamland to make the most of it. What’s your highest ever Sleep Score? #wintersolstice

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The most valuable gifts come with a Premium trial for new Premium users. Wrap up six months of deeper insights and guided programs with a Sense smartwatch, and a whole year with an Inspire 2 tracker. Tag someone who would appreciate this package deal 😉

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Learn about Fitbit Premium + Health Coaching in this review by @ZDNet if you’re looking for some extra motivation and accountability this season:

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These healthy holiday cocktail recipes deliver all the flavors of the season—and they’re packed with nutritious ingredients to boot:

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