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35+years teaching golf. Always learning. Little bit old school, little bit tech. Golf Channel Academy. Picked up some nice awards along the way. #growthegame

Pawleys Island, SC

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Friday after school junior program. (Mon, Tue, Thu too) Kids love games! (So do adults) #juniorgolf #playyourbest #futurestars

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#ICYMI @dressergolf came on my #podcast this week to discuss the longest - running #golf school on the #GrandStrand. Check it out!!!

Thanks @rickyleepotts enjoyed chatting with you!

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Went to @TrueBlueGolf for lunch today. One of our instructors was sitting at table with back to dining room. I walked up, whacked him in back of head, then sat at table. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of our instructors. Fortunately, I’m still alive!

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Sometimes, particularly with driver, I’ll tell a student to imagine they are standing where pizza was cut in half (straight line) and to swing club along crust. (Rounded edge) Not new. Not rocket science. But mental images can really help.

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Thanks @rickyleepotts it was an enjoyable conversation. You are doing a lot to #growthegame and I thank you for that!

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We have a German guy at our course. I’m told when he hits a good tee shot he calls himself BMW. “The ultimate driving machine.”

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Putt with your wedge. Hit bunker shots with 6 iron. Close the face and hook it violently. Open the face and slice it off the planet. Play ball back and punch it low. Etc etc etc. Get creative. Be an artist! Embrace it! Explore! Discover! Learn!

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Just wrapped up an interview with @dressergolf. Wow, what a treat. Wonder what he and his team do for a living? They teach. The fit. That's it!!! Can't wait to share his story with you on Wednesday. #podcast

That was a blast! Thanks @rickyleepotts for the opportunity!

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Latest email blast. Lots of new products rolling in for 2021

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Many years ago when I was trying to play, my coach made me play the tips, tee up on uncomfortable side of tee, drag tap ins back to 3 -4 feet, hit fade when draw would be best, etc. I thank that s.o.b. every day!

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Want to play great golf? I’ll give you information, recommendations, drills, knowledge, encouragement and motivation but it won’t matter if there is not a desire to get better. You can’t just “flip a switch.”

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Lots of new products rolling in. Stay tuned for upcoming free fitting days.

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Golf school student asked me if anyone ever calls me an a__hole. I said you’re first one today but it’s early. It’s all in good fun......I think!

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Beautiful #lowcountry January afternoon attracted nearly20 kids for our Jr clinic today. Was fun for me to work with kids again. We’re establishing “spacing” in this pic before we get started. #growthegame #juniorgolf

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@dressergolf @GolfRangeAssoc @PGA Congratulations, Steve. I'd like to add your Twitter posts as encouragement, reminders, and reinforcement of #GolfWisdom. Much appreciated.
(also good marketing)

Thank you Mr. President!

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I rarely toot my own horn but I’m honored to be recognized for the 4th year in a row. Thanks @GolfRangeAssoc for the opportunity! I think my most important duty as a @PGA Member is to #growthegame

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If you’re planning on hitting fairway wood or hybrid off tee and player in front of you hits driver, don’t let that change your mind. It’s cliche but play your own game!

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Tuesday morning means short game day. (Fridays too.) Check out our winter specials on the site in bio or call Terry D on 843 650 2272
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Golfers. Would you rather have

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