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Meditate Daily. Be Detailed with Your Visions. Manifest Your Reality and Future. Live. Love. Learn. Laugh.

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For some reason. I have a weird feeling, the thugs and animals we saw yesterday. Aren't done.

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Quoted @JoeBiden

It’s not enough to praise our essential workers — we have to protect and pay them.

I couldn't agree more. 🙏🏾

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Quoted @Mathieu_Era


True words spoken.

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The ENTIRE WORLD is tired of this 🤡 45.

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So trump can file all these lawsuits and can't file his damn taxes. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Quoted @NoNameGirl8686

Want to see him stop laughing immediately?

Let's see how funny these false prophet's are when these church's get taxed and have to answer to God for NOT accepting His will.

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Quoted @RexChapman

If you needed to laugh today this is the one...


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Quoted @TiptonEdits

2021 five-star Caleb Houstan has committed to Michigan.

The Wolverines now have the #1 Ranked Recruiting Class for 2021.

2021 Class is loaded. Are there any more who will join the nations #1 class? Go Blue!

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Quoted @RexChapman


Biden voters. Latinos. On horseback. In style.

This is my America...

Yesssssssss! My latino brethren and sistas showing up and showing out. #BidenHarrisLandslide2020 💪🏾✊🏾🤎

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Quoted @TheNotoriousMMA

To Diego Sanchez...
I seen your recent comments about your final bout and I am in!
After you fought Pereira, I had requested for myself and you to compete in Dublin. This was back in February when I was working on opposition for my season, pre covid.
Good luck this weekend!

Oh look, Dana just looking out for his guys. 😆 But bro code broken? Are you serious Dana. You have no idea what that is. 😆 what a simp.

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Quoted @YoAdriBaby

“You say, you believe that all lives matter. HA! I say, I don’t believe ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ you do!” — Mr. Stevie Wonder

Speak on it Stevie.

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Zeke caught a bodie. I thought dude was gone. 😲😆

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To take it a step further. Once you consistently experience new levels of loving yourself and what you do. The amount of growth and wisdom you will obtain on your journey will become immeasurable.

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Uncle Shay bout to clown skip

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Clippers! It's looking pretty grim.

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WoooooWeeeee mane!

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Clippers vs Nuggets. It's game 7 heroics 🏀

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Skip bayless has a hard time separating real life from his fictional thinking. Damn a super bowl. Theres no off season in life. He need to be reeled in. He's moved further and further into left field. No apology either, he preferenced what he said with what he was about to say.

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It's Not Just Trust the Process. It's Committing to being Consistent as Completing the Exercises within a Process.

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BBH - Bryant Boseman Hussle. RIP 🙏🏾 Young Kingionaire's

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