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Magician on @trutv #BigTrickEnergy #1 Puzzle/Magic Channel on Youtube // 4M and Growing πŸš€


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4 years ago I got the privilege of hanging out with GM @MauriceAshley β™Ÿ

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If you’ve ever felt left out, remember there’s a beatbox guy in acapella groups

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Me: get out there and put the work in!

Also me: Spent an hour fishing in VR.

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Calling the presidents by numbers reminds me of Men In Black

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Eyyyyy this isnt moving

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From Concept To Creation ::

When the pandemic hit, it put limitations and constraints on how magicians perform and connect... and in those limitations are possibilities!

Okay this wins the internet

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No coincidence that IG store tab is where the likes were. Anyone else click it by mistake?

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Virtual β€œHot Ones” doesn’t hit the same

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Imagine if wearing a mask wasn’t a political issue.

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My New @youtooz Figure is NOW AVAILABLE!!

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Really amazing seeing myself in a TV commercial for my new show! #BigTrickEnergy @truTV

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Hear me out.. Youtube rewind but it’s actually in reverse

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Congrats to the winners @DavePar60009313 ,Β @FredPloeger andΒ @twofoot_giant ! DmΒ @youtooz to claim your prize. My youtooz is live now! Go get it on

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Like your future self is warning your past self through regret. But you feel it as a gut feeling

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I heard someone say this and it’s haunting me.

when you get a gut feeling, it’s actually your future self feeling regret about something you did in the past.

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Things are gonna be ok

Solving the Street Puzzle

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This popped up in my YouTube recommended videos. This was so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again. @chrisramsay52 is such a bad ass for this and everything else he touches.

You FLASH you LOSE!! (Vegas Edition) via @YouTube

The best of times

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I made my own puzzle and you can buy it here: β€οΈπŸš€πŸ€ͺ

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