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#JIMIN: i love u, it‘s okay - here to support my fav artists and complain about life

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BTS rumored to be collaborating with Ariana Grande

please we have rumor like that every month just collab already 😭

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shit i‘m so tired help

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i am still not over how stable dynamite is on the charts.

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yo i just read some old chats from me and my bestie about ateez and i was all like: I dOnT tHiNk I WiLl EvEr BeCoMe An AtEeZ sTaN
lmao look at me now

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🐨listening to Ariana Grande’s new album.. listening to it when exercising is the best! 34+35.. positions

my aritan heart aaaahhhh 34+35 sir

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boi i wish i had a concert to look forward to so i could have some more motivation for school

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🐨i feel like i'm dying because i haven't seen ARMY


honey me too :(

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i can’t stop watching this it makes me laugh so much shsjsjd

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joon is going on vlive soon? be album live???? i will probably miss it :(

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i think we can all agree that

how can you compare a song to an album? also why do we still compare artists in 2021?

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to all the boys i’ve loved before gets a third part and it plays in korea? okayyyyy

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man bts really are something else

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don’t go into the comment section of tiktoks that are about jikook. i repeat do not read the comments! it’s very frustrating

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📸: @BTS_twt’s #JungKook puts the #GalaxyS21 in a new light.
#GalaxyxBTS Learn more:

this man

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uhm be honest do you like the 34+35 remix? cause i definitely won’t listen to it ever again the original is way better

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i just realized all my ult groups have a T in their name

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