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Hey @camcountry thank you very much for the album. Gwen and I are excited to listen!!!

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Happy 𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗞𝗘 Friday, folks! Head over to and enjoy a day of sales! - Team BS #BlackFriday

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Quoted @OleRed

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so thankful for our Ole Red family and for all of you who make this such a fun space to interact on!

Here’s a special Thanksgiving message from @blakeshelton to all of our Ole Red family 🐾

Happy Thanksgiving to y’all, @OleRed!

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What a year we’ve all had, but there is still plenty to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!

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Who can point me in the direction for a second stomach… I’m going for a plate record this year!

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Alright y’all now it’s up to you to make sure @TarynPapa is in the live shows! GO VOTE!!!! #TeamBlake

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Way to set that bar nice and high @TarynPapa! Y’all get ready to go vote! #TeamBlake #VoiceKnockouts

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Do y’all hear what I’m saying?! It’s the last night of the knockouts tonight!! #TeamBlake #VoiceKnockouts

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We’re back y’all! Don’t forget about the 4-way knockout. It’s up to y’all to vote even though I know you’ll vote #TeamBlake 😉 #TheVoice

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Tune-in to The Great #AmericanFoodathon presented by @Citi Wed, 11/25 on FOX! Join Blake & others in raising money for @nokidhungry & @cityharvest - orgs that help feed families & children struggling with hunger during this pandemic. Learn more ! -Team BS

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Y’all need to watch #CountryEverAfter on Netflix. Loving this show about a country boy and a city girl. Check it out now!

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What a night for Team Blake tonight y’all! Remember we have the 4 way knockout tomorrow night! See y’all then! @NBCTheVoice #TeamBlake

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That’s not an easy song to sing @Jamespylemusic but you sure made it look easy! Way to go! #VoiceKnockouts  #TeamBlake

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That was a perfect song choice for you @IanFlanigan! Great performance! #TeamBlake #VoiceKnockouts

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It was a party up on that stage @jusjonmusic! Great job!

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You nailed that performance @jimranger! Well done man! 👏🏻 #TeamBlake #VoiceKnockouts

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Big thank you to @Usher (or as I like to call him.. Gusher) for all the help during the knockouts! #TeamBlake #VoiceKnockouts

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What do y’all think? Who’d win a dance off between me and @Usher? I’m thinking I can give him a run for his money… #TeamBlusher #VoiceKnockouts

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Quoted @NBCTheVoice

These artists are leaving @BlakeShelton with an unbelievably tough #VoiceKnockouts decision. 🤔

Find out who wins the Knockout on #TheVoice MONDAY 8/7c on @NBC.

Y’all be sure to tune in tonight to watch Team Blake! We’re gonna win this season after all 😉 #TeamBlake

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Damn right! It’s here y’all!!!!! #HappyAnywhere @gwenstefani

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