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We follow the story of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters deciding if they are going stay and continue to protest or leave?

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Has big tech gone too far in limiting free speech?

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"It was like a breath of fresh air, it was the lifeline that I needed at that time." The @E_N_O scheme #ENOBreathe is helping Covid patients who are experiencing breathlessness and anxiety

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Meet the teacher that convinced The Bahamas to ban single-use plastic

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"It would kill 58,000 jobs annually." A US oil and gas representative @KathleenSgamma of @WesternEnergy1 says President Biden's new climate change measures would harm the economy

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Much has been made of President Biden’s record-breaking election win - but 74 million people still voted for Donald Trump.

@HDruzin hears from Republicans in Idaho as they reflect on what was gained over the last four years - and what has now been lost

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As many as 80% of Mayan children in Guatemala are malnourished.

Rosa Angelica wants to know why - and if her country can achieve a UN goal of Zero Hunger by 2030

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"People are picking policies, they want action."

@StephenDFisher explains the findings of the world's biggest climate poll

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"There are questions that should be asked to some of the pharmaceutical companies, especially those who received EU funding for developing vaccines."

@edgarsrinkevics, Latvia's foreign minister on the EU's Covid vaccine supply problem

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The Warsaw Ghetto held half a million Jews during WW2. A secret project, Oyneg Shabbat, created a record of the people living there.

On #HolocaustMemorialDay listen in to these rare recordings of their lives

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One hundred million coronavirus cases have been recorded worldwide, but the official figure is a fraction of the real number of infections.

Here's your global #coronavirus update in one minute ⏰

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"We are still worried about high numbers of newly infected and seriously ill."

Israel's health minister answers questions about the country's Covid vaccination programme

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“I think basically human beings are nice and you get back what you give.”

Jim Haynes was famous for inviting hundreds of thousands of strangers to dinner at his home in Paris. He died earlier this month but we were lucky to speak with him in 2015

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"Manufacturing billions of doses for citizens across Europe and around the world is an unprecedented challenge."

@EFPIA's @NathalieMoll on vaccine supply tensions as the world marks the grim landmark of 100 million Covid cases

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"These planes are really the heart of the battle."

The UN's @CyrilFao says more money is needed to keep the aircraft flying as East Africa tackles its third wave of locust attacks in the past year

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"We know the impact of discrimination in this country." So what does @andreperryedu author and researcher on race and structural inequality in the US make of the reform plans?

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“I hope to change the narrative of how Africa is seen. It’s not all corruption, it’s not all famine.”

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A trusted force Aline Berabose #BBCWorldService

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In 2015 the UN announced a radical plan to change the world. Global leaders came up with 17 goals to create a better future.

Our new podcast hears from 17-year-olds from 17 different countries who want to know if those goals are being met

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