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Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism is a free app that includes research-supported skills, developed for children on the autism spectrum and their families!


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Consider supporting us for Giving Tuesday 2020 to fund our new video series Learning Emotions with Aiko & Egor.


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Mid-week reminder to take a moment and breathe 🌬 Tip: Place your hand on your stomach and take a deep breath, you should feel your hand move out by about an inch. This “belly breathing” is perfect to practice on your own and with your child! 🧡

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We recently received a 3rd grant award from the Dr. Seuss Foundation! We are so grateful to the wonderful people at the Dr. Seuss Foundation and are proud to call them our partners in support of the ASD community ❤️

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Another definition to know! 👯‍♀️ Tip: Always praise new and independent attempts of good play, social behaviors, or communication.

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Meet Pinky, the sleepy Panda from our Aiko & Egor: Animation for Autism App! 💓 Aiko & Egor meet Pinky while exploring the ocean. They play a fun imitation game together and become instant friends.

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A definition to know while using the Aiko & Egor: Animation for Autism App (and in general)! This is also referred to as “communicating appropriately” 🗣

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Send this to someone to brighten their day! 🌞

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Some helpful tips for supporting your child while using the Aiko & Egor: Animation for Autism App! 💗

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Meet Aiko, the talkative purple whale from our Aiko & Egor App! 💜 Aiko loves to play with her best friend Egor and explore the ocean. She plays the “kid role” in our videos. Children can imitate Aiko to learn new skills. She loves to learn, play with toys, and make new friends!

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Happy #AutismPride Day! 🥳 Today we celebrate, love, and accept everyone on the autism spectrum- be proud of who you are!

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We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Check out our instagram for tips from the @ChildMindInst on helping children with autism become more comfortable wearing masks!

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Spreading love and acceptance of all different kinds of minds 💛

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Beach feels! The tide is coming in! Happy Wednesday! #socal #ocean #waves #grateful #beautiful #northbeach #lucky #loveyourself @ Encinitas, California

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We’re so excited to watch PBS kids’ “Hero Elementary” featuring AJ Gadgets, a superhero with autism!

Shaun Heasley, of the Disability Scoop, describes the show:
“Aimed at children ages 4-7, “Hero Elementary” pushes…

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We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite children’s books that encourage conversations about race, understanding, and inclusion. We have found these books to be helpful when having these important conversations with kids

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See Beneath and Aiko & Egor stand in solidarity to support Black Lives Matter and the black autism community- your voices and stories matter. We stand against racism and discrimination for a more loving, just, and peaceful world.
(Art by

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A wonderful reminder as #mentalhealthawareness month comes to an end. Let’s keep the kindness and understanding going all year long 💓
Artwork by @GMFDESIGNS

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Check out our app at

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