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Quoted @RecordersOffice

¡Estamos creando acceso para los votantes del Condado Maricopa cerca y lejos! ¡Estamos orgullosos de servir a más de 9,232 votantes militares y en el extranjero en esta Elección General! @MaricopaVote @CondadoMaricopa

Y desde el Recorder del Condado Maricopa en Arizona

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Quoted @HarrisVotes

We just passed the 160,000 votes mark at 4:40 p.m. Keep voting until 7 p.m. at nearly 800 locations, including a Drive-Thru Voting location @ToyotaCenter. #HarrisVotes

And from the Harris County Clerk in Texas:

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Quoted @AmyCozze

Voters did their job by turning out in record numbers. Now we’re doing our job: prepping to count and verify every ballot this week. We won’t rest until we deliver results and #CountEveryVote

And here's @AmyCozze, the Chief Registrar of Elections in Northampton County, PA:

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Quoted @SaraKnotts1

Voters are doing their job by turning out in record numbers. We’re ready to do our job: count and verify every ballot. We won’t rest until we deliver results and #counteveryvote #brunsco #YourVoteCountsNC

Here's @SaraKnotts1, the Election Director of the Brunswick County Board in North Carolina (@BrunscoBOE):

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Quoted @samcdonell

We can’t start tabulating ballots until 7 am on election morning. But we are prepared and are ready to deliver results for Dane County, Wisconsin. We’re committed to #counteveryvote because every eligible voter should have their voice heard and their vote counted.

And @samcdonell is the Dane County Clerk in Wisconsin:

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Local election administrators across the country are hard at work making sure to #CountEveryVote. If you’re looking for up-to-date information about the ballot-counting period, here’s a thread of a few on our radar:

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Quoted @votingrightslab

It takes time to #CountEveryVote — and that’s a sign our democracy is working! Now get this jingle stuck in your head.

Visit to see the whole video and spread the word! #Vote #Vote2020

It’s the 1-2-3s of voting absentee, we #CountEveryVote in our democracy! Sing along and spread the word:

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You can learn more about this poll and what it means for our elections here:

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Vast majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents believe we need to make changes to the way we conduct elections amid #COVID19.

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And 2/3 of voters think we should be *proactive* about making these changes – rather than leaving it to the last minute.

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Almost three-quarters of voters think voters should be able to return their ballots by mail, via secure drop-box, or vote in-person at a safe polling location.

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Here are just a few things we learned about Americans' current perspectives on voting amid #COVID19 in our recent poll with @Strategies360:

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Mounting public opinion data makes it clear: voters see an urgent need to adapt the #2020Elections to ensure safe voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more about the poll we just released with @Strategies360 in our recent post on @Medium:

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The #COVID19 pandemic is threatening to upend #Elections2020. Americans nationwide are asking themselves: How are we supposed to vote?

The short answer? America can vote by mail. But if we’re not careful, we could really mess it up. Here's our take:

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Just launched: The State Voting Rights Tracker – a first-of-its-kind analysis of voting laws in all 50 states (and DC!). Our policy experts are also tracking voting legislation in every state with near-real time updates. 📊🗳️ Check it out:

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