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Leo Dicaprio bm🐻

🇳🇬 Im a narcissist right and i dont care how you feel-50 cent

Fuck your feelings

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Goodnight to Billie Eilish only! The rest of y’all, NIGHT😚

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Back to Bruno Mars coming in March!!! One thing about him, he will leave for a couple years but return with #1 smash hits🤷🏽‍♀️! He’s built different

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Why y’all just now waking up?? 💀seeing too many “he went live” tweets

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Has* loved🙄

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Justin asking where finneas was and him saying he has no pants on then Billie going “BUT ITS JUSTIN BIEBER”😭! This entire FaceTime was so pure and beautiful

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I don’t even why y’all want information from insiders so badly it’s so weird?? Like🥴 very much loser energy

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The way we forgot he posted that “cover picture” on Ig until Elena brought it up😭!

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Y’all gave that insider too much! Lol This is on y’all 🙄

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Y’all were believing insiders sjhsjs lol! Chile anyways now that person can let Justin’s team do HIS rollout in fckn PEACE!! ✋

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Love how Justin and his team keep messing up that insiders reveals ha!! Love to see it

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Y’all are wear that clown hat proudly

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Not Justin inventing bestie in 2017 wow!!! The way he de be starting trends? Netflix and chill now this 😁

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Their live just reminded me of this😭
When Justin said “You’re my bestie I love you” and out his head on Khalil🥺

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Both of them are so soft for eachother 😭!! Missed this

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He was too into it! Khalil had to bring him out😭

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Justin is the kind of friend that will get on the same hype level as you when you’re excited about anything! I dunno a better man😭!

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Khalil is so beautiful like? I forgot that and I dunno why

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Just because Justin said be kind to everyone and I stan him doesn’t mean I can’t be a b*lly. Move on

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