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Nearly 200,000 people have signed Sophie’s petition to stop the UK using a neonicotinoid pesticide that is lethal to bees and has already been banned in the EU.

🐝 Help Sophie make a buzz about this and add your name to the petition:

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Ernest’s pregnant wife tragically died with Covid-19 last year and is calling for better protection for pregnant women. Add your name to his petition here:

You can read more about Ernest’s campaign in the @Telegraph:

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.@iambenwest started a petition to @timeshighered, @guardian & @compuniguide to include mental health support in university league tables.

You can support Ben’s campaign here:

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Quoted @SarahOwen_

Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong was a nurse in Luton who sadly lost her life to Covid 19 shortly after giving birth to her beautiful daughter.

I'm proud to support her husband Ernest, in his inspirational campaign to see pregnant women better protected.

Sign Ernest's petition:

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.@robmcgibbon has started a petition calling on @TfL to install a pedestrian timer crossing at Battersea Bridge.

15,700 people have already signed Rob’s petition. Can you help him reach 15,000 today by adding your name here?

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Do you think pharmacies should be able to play a part in the vaccine roll-out? You can sign this petition here 👇

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You can read about their campaign here ->

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Evie from Our Bodies Our Streets is calling on @SheffCouncil for more lighting in their parks 💡🌳

2,000 people have signed their petition - you can add your name here:

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Quoted @UKChange

Chloe has started a petition to add a 'Donate to Foodbank' button to all online shopping

Think it's a good idea? Add your name here:

Almost 1,000 signatures in a day!!

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Ernest's wife Mary was a nurse. She died at 35 weeks pregnant after becoming infected with Covid-19.

He's now calling for better protection for pregnant women & over 100,000 people are backing him. His petition was presented to Parliament last night.


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9 year old Lizzie has started a petition to stop the UK from exporting its plastic waste 🐟

"I am learning about plastic pollution in school at the moment. I have always loved the oceans and want to be a marine biologist or ecologist when I am older."

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Harry says "Can Apple, Google, IBM, Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung and other tech firms help bridge the gap and prevent the academic shortcomings of 1.5 million children across the UK. When history is written, will the question be, why didn't they help?"

cc @MarcusRashford

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Harry is a year 9 pupil, who has started a petition to @Google @IBMUKI @Microsoft @Apple @SamsungUK and @Sony to "Get the multinational technology companies to donate computers to school children"

You can sign their petition here 👇

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Chloe says "As we enter another lockdown, fewer people are visiting supermarkets in person meaning the foodbank donation baskets are emptier than they have ever been."

cc @TrussellTrust

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Marie has started a petition for mental health therapy for NHS staff as "dealing with death and uncertainty all the time is taking a toll on our NHS staff members"

You can add your name here (TW: this petition mentions suicide)

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#journorequests DM if you'd like to speak to Wendy.

Her petition can be signed here:

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Wendy has just started a petition to bring back FSM vouchers.

She says: "We want our vouchers back so we can buy adequate food our children like and know will eat, food that can be kept in the freezer and food that will last."

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It’s official: more people have signed petitions for an end to racism than ever before in British history! We took the 5 million signatures to Westminster - @10DowningStreet, are you listening?


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