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I'm a mom, librarian, crafter and devoted fan of Hallmark and Hallmark adjacent movies.

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STORM SNACKS. Obviously something I need in my life. #takingashotatlove

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Can we talk about George waiting FIVE YEARS for Cheryl in #ChristmasComesTwice? I mean GEORGE, MY MAN!!

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My Christmas Love is on #hallmarkchannel! One of my all time favorites! MORE BOBBY CAMPO!!! #mychristmaslove

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I *think* I've been ghosted by our local animal shelter for being too interested in fostering another cat. Peak Pandemic?

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Only drawback -- not one murder or even a mystery. #ChristmasSheWrote

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Finally watched #ChristmasSheWrote. I loved it! Kayleigh and her friend Steven were adorable, plus he had his own love connection! Great storyline and I loved the scene where she cooked terrible dinner, with wine in hand! πŸ˜‚

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Quoted @lisafayco

Y’ALL. Christmas Charms is LESS THAN A DOLLAR right now!

I loved this one so, so much. 😍😍

Same here! Just bought a copy for my MIL! :-)

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And then David visits Roman and lies and is rude. Ugh. #ChristmasWaltz

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#christmaswaltz DAVID! Don't show up at her office to try and win her back. Great, now her boss is going to be twice as judgmental about her work because of her personal life. UGH.

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#christmaswaltz Holy wow, the scene where Avery & Roman dance after he dims the lights and they transition from waltz to something more personal! FEELINGS.

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Quoted @IamLaceyChabert

. @IamWillKemp heard me say quietly that I wished I could keep that hand-painted little Christmas tree as a souvenir from the movie. He asked the prop department if he could have it and then left it in a gift bag for me for my birthday. So thoughtful. Thanks Will! #ChristmasWaltz

I was just wishing Hallmark sold one! So cute!

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#christmaswaltz Avery and Roman are already sparkling from the first scenes together. Love that Avery is tough and vulnerable both...and he challenges her!

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Watching #fivestarchristmas a day late. This may be the pandemic talking, but I am charmed by how huggy and close the family is!

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#GoodMorningChristmas fav scene: when the teleprompters failed and producer says: "Will you be okay?" Mel: "I've got me notes." Brian: "I've got her." MY HEART.

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LYLE. The real hero of this movie. :-) #ChristmasByStarlight

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"What else did you definitely not say?" #ChristmasByStarlight

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Seeing Will's people enchanted by Annie highlights how lonely he is! Makes him endearing! #ChristmasbyStarlight

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Love @KimberleySustad so much that my cat is cosplaying Ambrose from #ninelivesofchristmas while we watch #christmasbystarlight

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Watching #christmasbystarlight and easily remember those days of waiting by the phone! @CradleAdoption #adoptionchanges everything

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