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Having my friend and artist do some work to spice up the whiteboards in the office. They are going to be cool once they are finished.

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Replying to @WeAreDPS: big news tomorrow

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big news tomorrow

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Don't be a victim..

Hit me up if you agree or disagree. Would love to talk to you whether you agree with me or not. And imagine this I'll still love and fight for you regardless.

Tim Talk over because Ted is a bitch.

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Food for thought about the Trump Twitter/FB bans that everyone is bickering about. If you follow him still and talk about his messages here that will appear other places online and you bring that content here, is he actually really banned?

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Do more cool shit with cool people. Practical advice for all of us.

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Quoted @For3JT

BEYOND unpopular opinion, which a lot of people will come at me:

Big time LDS athletes coming out of high school shouldn’t serve a mission. Those 2 years have a negative impact on your career.

Use your success to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand to share your testimony.

Love when LDS people are open-minded and progressive. 👏👏👏

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Anyone with DirecTv wanting to watch some different sports action, tune to channel 684 for some Australian Baseball. Perth v Adelaide.


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Reminder to Jazz fans, teams have games like this every year. Especially early in the season.This group has shown time and time again that they use performances like this to focus more, work hard in practice and be fine at the end of the year. It's not all rainbows and unicorns.

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At least the rookies will get a chance to take their masks off tonight.


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The difference between winning and losing your fantasy football bets.


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Go watch Letterkenny Season 9, Episode 2. It is hilarious and has a great message for all of us. More content like this please.

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Replying to @Jinglesss: Is Derrick favors the best backup center in the nba?

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Is Derrick favors the best backup center in the nba?

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That's a flagrant foul? Are you joking my ass?

#jazznation #takenote

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When you find a sports bar with a flocked window in Phoenix and you're an @utahjazz fan.

#takenote #jazznation #SupportLocal

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About to head out in Denver with my kids to do some ice-skating. You know I'm about it. Game gear...✔

#repmyshit #takenote #GameDay #jazznation

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Why rental car companies haven't automated more of the check in process is beyond me...🤷‍♂️

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Merry Christmas to all you beautiful tweeple. #jazznation.
Cheers to a Jazz Championship in 2021.


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Game day gear let's see it.

#jazznation #TakeNote

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Smart people comedy. @anthonyjeselnik is the 🐐

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