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This dish in Puerto Rico made some crucial discoveries during radio astronomy’s golden age, including the first definitive detection of planets beyond the solar system

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Christine Lagarde's willingness to venture into terrain that central bankers have long considered political is causing a stir

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Narendra Modi has insisted on inserting loyalists into institutions that had been seen as sanctuaries from party politics

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How do you hunt coronavirus? From @1843mag

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Test-and-trace systems are considered critical to stopping coronavirus. How do they actually work? From @1843mag

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What will Janet Yellen and Antony Blinken bring to the treasury and state departments? Our US 2020 hub has the latest analysis of Joe Biden's cabinet nominees

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Industries that cannot move online—such as air travel—have faced financial damage. Airlines' total debt has already reached half a trillion dollars

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Researchers at MIT have designed an autoclave that is powered directly by sunlight. It is a work of simplicity and cheap materials

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Alex Winter, whose previous films have explored file-sharing, bitcoin and the dark web, spent six years trawling through material on Zappa

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The coming year will see heated political and public debates about how to prioritise access to vaccines against covid-19 #TheWorldIn2021

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As Thai protesters take to the streets, @1843mag decodes the country's mysterious monarchy

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Abigail Shrier's book is damning of some of the professionals who have built careers working with trans-identifying children

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Many pupils have studied ferociously throughout this difficult year. They should have the chance to earn the grades they deserve

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In February a bill was introduced to California’s legislature to give reparations to people wrongfully sterilised by the state, but it did not move forward

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“I've always really seen a great deal of lyricism in the American baking tradition. Americans are, in my experience...slightly more seasonally-led” On “The Economist Asks” podcast, @Nigella_Lawson and @AnneMcElvoy discuss the perfect Thanksgiving menu

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“Clients are voting with their feet, they want to work with large global players...or they want to work with boutiques.” Mark Weidman of @BlackRock tells “Money Talks” about a transformation underway in asset management

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Less than a quarter of Australians trust China to “act responsibly in the world”. Wariness of their giant neighbour is no longer a fringe activity

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“If You Are The One” is the sixth-most-watched show in China. But it has made the Communist Party feel uneasy

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New presidents face high expectations. Can Joe Biden match up? On “Checks and Balance”:
-@JamesMAstill says Barack Obama relished the burden
-@lanegreene says Mr Biden has a secret weapon
-“The West Wing” writer Michael Oates Palmer on the ideal president

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Global democracy is in recession, but that need not go on forever. In fact, democracy contains the seeds of its own recovery. Our cover this week

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