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Thanks for keeping me up @GamingShiver haha 😂 GOOD NIGHT ❤️

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And no one retweeted 😂 thanks all 😭

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Well this was unhelpful haha thanks to all 7 of you who responded...

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It’s been exactly 1 week since my Grandfather passed away to be with my Grandmother again. I’m reminded of his wit and sarcasm, haha, he was tough as nails and had a big heart.

I have a card from him that I can’t open, it’s the last one I’ll ever receive from him, not yet.

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I need people to play games with 😭

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Quoted @bawaaa19

I was speechless during the stream, and I’m still speechless now.

Thank you @WizzardOfTime for that magical raid!! Can’t say thank you enough!

To all those who came with the raid I appreciate every. Single. One of you!


The stream was off the charts, if you don’t know @bawaaa19 yet I recommend checking him out!

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Quoted @TheAvayel

What day is best for you for a stream? Asking for a friend 😉

Plz retweet so everyone can participate!!

#streaming #streamer #twitchaffiliate #twitchtv #TwitchStreamers #gamers #gamer @promo_streams @Pulse_Rts @SmallStreamersR

In case I made this confusing, what day would be good for you to ATTEND a stream! 😂

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Good night fam, sweet dreams ❤️

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Morning fam! Starting to work on some things for a return, don’t have a date yet but stay tuned!

Hope you have an amazing Thursday! Miss your faces ❤️😘

#goodmorning #morning #thursdaymorning #Thursday

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Good night fam, sleep well ❤️

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I cooked #lasagna!! 😍 I usually make the red sauce from scratch but I’ve been so busy that I used a red sauce I got from Little Italy in #Cleveland Ohio, smells yummy!!

Want some? 😉

#cooking #dinner #food

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Quoted @TyroOriginal

I'M LIVE on Twitch! Come and hang out, have fun and chat with all of us! I hope to see you there! #twitch #supportsmallstreamers #smallstreamer #smallstreamercommunity

I’m playing along side! GET IN HERE!!

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What keyboard do you use? Love my @CORSAIR K70 with cherry switches 😍

#GamingSetup #gamingpc #keyboard #RGB #gaming #gamer #game

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Good morning fam. Happy hump day! If a streamer did something else on stream other than playing a game, would you watch? Asking for a friend 😉
#TwitchStreamers #streamer #StreamerCommunity #streamers #community #entertainment

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Goodnight ❤️

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Thanks for helping me reach 50 followers on my #Instagram account in 1 week, means a lot 😊❤️

If you haven’t seen my account yet, maybe you should 👀 👇

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Morning fam. I know I said I would have a return this week but that may be delayed considering what happened over the weekend. Not 100% sure but I’ll let you know as soon as I know, got some stuff to figure out. Hope you’re well, stay safe ❤️

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SUB BADGES ARE LIVE!! Many thanks to @PlaysRobinson for assisting me in getting there beauties set up! I love them 😍🚂 Hope you all enjoy showing them off too! See you tonight!

#TwitchStreamers #stream #streamer #loyalty #badges #games #gamer #twitchtv #twitchaffiliate

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