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OXG || Skybilz

Twitch Partner/Ambassador @OXG_Esports (MTG) Sponsor-@realcardsphere @ritual_motion Showrunner- @gamesdonequick MTG coach @gamersenseiapp - [email protected]

North Carolina [she/her]

Joined on 17 January, 2014

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12 Months of Double Mythic: Arena and Goal-Setting @skybilz #mtg

My new article about a Year of Double Mythic is out!

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Took a night off from MTG and I FINALLY saved Egypt! (5-Card Mod).

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Taking a brief MTG break to play another children's card game to try to save Egypt (5 card mod). This is a bad idea.

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Ati's weird face.

#otter #Aty #アティ

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I want to be clear - I do not support use of the word women with an X. It is a T*RF dogwhistle to spread transphobia. DO BETTER. Twitch needs to do better and repost the Women’s History Month tweet with the proper term. For the second time today, trans women are women.

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Trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary folks are valid. Trans rights are human rights. There is no middle ground, debate or negotiation. 🏳️‍⚧️

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I remember up until college that I was the only women in my school and local area who was really into video games and tcgs. I felt alone and isolated with very few friends until age 19. I am thankful for a platform where I can finally be myself and have a community.

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Pepperidge Farms Remembers (tm) Theros Beyond Death drafts.

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I didn’t do as well as I wanted to today, but I broke the Day 1 curse and after 2 years that is enough to keep going. I know I’m a great player - I just need the result to visually go with it.

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I thought you were supposed to face a variety of decks in a tournament? I've faced the same deck 4 times in a row LOL.

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I'm exhausted from playing today and I have to get up early tomorrow...but I have some time for some Pokemon Stadium Rental Rando 2! Come relax with me.

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Steve & Brad trying to look intelligent

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FIRST DAY 2 QUALIFICATION!!! I believe speedrunners call this a PB.

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Replying to @MechaDenny: Meeting the neighbors!

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Meeting the neighbors!

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Tron players welcome 🖤

In solidarity with Jana- MTG players are valid no matter what deck they play. Tron players are awesome.

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Steve being a derp in the kitchent

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Quoted @MagicEsports

#MythicChampionshipVII is on the horizon, with $750,000 in prizes up for grabs! 🏆

In addition to the 32 members of the MPL, 36 Challengers from around the world are set to battle in Long Beach, California Dec 6th-8th!

Meet our Challengers now!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be representing @TeamGenji at #MythicChampionshipVII ! Let's light up the competition the same way we did during the Invitational! Thanks to @MagicEsports @wizards_magic for the opportunity! #GOGENJI

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