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Pune, India

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If you knew that no one in the world would ever judge you, or could never see you doing it, what is the one thing you would do?
My response: Where should I even start🤔
What's yours?
- A question from @warikoo newsletter

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Him: I can't chat right now, I am playing #FAUG
Le me: To mai ky karu, mar jau, mere koi feelings nahi hai🥺👉👈
. #FAUGMobile

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If you wonder why are you getting late replies from guys, it's not because they are busy, its because they got their priorities straight 💯
#FAUG #FaujiCalling #FAUGMobile

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#Maharashtra in this year's #RepublicDayParade. Shivaji Maharaj & Sant Tukaram Maharaj 🙏

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#RepublicDay Parade makes me so proud at the same time goosebumps thinking how far we have come in aspects of security and technology and bravery of soldier's 💯
#HappyRepublicDay2021 #RepublicDay2021 #RepublicDayParade

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I miss #schooldays when I was wearing ironed clothes and waking up early for #RepublicDay and waiting for snacks afterwards 🤫
#HappyRepublicDay #RepublicDay2021

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Every been to a sweet relative's house and they feed you with all the dishes in every possible way they can.
I need that level of convincing skill in my life💯

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Someone: You are so lucky.
Me : Where is the luck🤷🏻‍♀️
#luck #pune #sundayvibes

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The waiting time between starters and main course is the hardest, like bro what is my half hunger supposed to so (sleep or timeout)

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Do I have to pay for the 1 serve or 10 serve

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No one
Literally no one
My BFF: I am not in relationship with women, I am in relationship with knowledge.
Inner me: Tu single he marega 🤦🏻‍♀️
#bfftalks #single #pune @Darth_Vader_427

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Me: After Covid there won't be any traffic in Pune🥰 clear roads.
Pune: We don't do that here

#pune #COVID19 #Traffic

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A train journey is not worth it unless you make a new friend in a train✌️

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Albus : After all this time.

Snape : Always.
This scene got me🥺
#HarryPotter #hp #snape

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Me waiting for @samant_uday decision to reopen colleges like @pinkvilla waiting for Virat & Anushka daughter's pics.
#reopencollege @CMOMaharashtra

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Only if I could add face filters to my zoom or google meet video calls🥰
@zoom_us @Google @GoogleIndia

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1/01/2021 12:00 am
People: Happy New Year
Me: Don't say it, be quite, i know it's new year, if you say things it gets spoiled 😷, can't take any kind of risk now.
#NewYear2021 #Hope2021

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Assignments PPT
Me: Am i audible, can I start presenting.
Ma'am: Yes, you can start.
Me: So Branding is...and brand is... Still on 2nd slide of ppt
Ma'am: Ok, stop answer these 2 questions and go.
(Thinking I would have seen that movie instead of making ppt)

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10 days left for 2021🤷🏻‍♀️
As if it was yesterday I came with a backpack to my hometown, with the hopes to go back in a week🤦🏻‍♀️
Atleast I won't blame myself for wasting another year😂

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