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Official Twitter of the #GalaxyS21, #GalaxyBudsPro, #GalaxySmartTag, #GalaxyNote20, #GalaxyZFold2, #GalaxyA

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It’s official 🏆 #GalaxyA51 is the world’s most popular Android smartphone in 2020! 😱 This year, get ready for more awesome value. Stay tuned! #AwesomeIsForEveryone
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It's easy to confuse similar looking suitcases, but finding yours is easier now with #GalaxySmartTag.

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Let in as much of the world as you want. Introducing Galaxy Buds Pro, earbuds with 4 levels of adjustable ambient mode.

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It’s never too late to join the 5G party. Take it from us; we’ve been pioneers in this space for quite some time. Enjoy the everyday in epic HyperFast speeds with the new #GalaxyS21 Ultra.
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Scroll, write, draw, tap, crop, and more with the first #SPen for Galaxy S Series. #GalaxyS21 Ultra.
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The end of nope. Always look good with #PortraitMode. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus.
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Introducing Galaxy Buds Pro, with 360 Audio that makes you feel as though you’re in the middle of the action.

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The end of choosing. Capture photos and videos at once with #SingleTake. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus.
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Keep tabs on your furry friend by simply attaching #GalaxySmartTag to him/her.

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The end of nothing to see. Discover more with 30x #SpaceZoom. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus.

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Make the most of the new 9 to 5 with the most flexible tablet yet: The Galaxy Tab S7| S7+.
Available in new Mystic Navy.
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Meet the next group of #Generation17 young leaders who are dedicated to innovating for the #GlobalGoals with @UNDP: @CalarcoDaniel, @NadineKhaouli, Yejin Choi, and Yurii Romashko.
To get involved: #SamsungGlobalGoals app and

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Introducing Galaxy Buds Pro. With a 2-Way speaker in each earbud, it’s like putting a sound studio in your ear.

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The end of amateur. Go ultra wide, close up, switch to wide… anddd cut! Get all the angles at once with #DirectorsView. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus.

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Lost your keys again? Don’t worry. #GalaxySmartTag helps you find your lost items even when they are in unexpected places.

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See how @BTS_twt captures perfect moments straight from video with #8KVideoSnap. #GalaxyS21 #GalaxyxBTS
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Looking for extremely stunning @BTS_twt moment? All you need is: find the right moment and snap the frame!
#GalaxyxBTS #GalaxyS21 Ultra
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Quoted @Android

Android's screen reader TalkBack is better than ever. Hear from #Android Accessibility product manager Brian Kemler on how a close partnership with @SamsungMobile brings new gestures and an updated menu system to your phone.

It's our ongoing commitment, together with @Android to create a mobile experience that is inclusive and accessible to everyone.

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Designed to be epic in every way, with a revolutionary camera experience and powerful performance.
Introducing the new #Samsung #GalaxyS21 Ultra.
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