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Morgan Stanley CEO's annual pay rises by over 20%

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U.S. ban on China firms could affect $60 billion of bonds: JPMorgan

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WATCH: Confronted by red tape and delays after Brexit, France and Ireland are shipping goods directly to and from European ports. The two countries have shunned the once-speedier route through Britain

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U.S. Senate to vote on Treasury chief nominee Yellen on Monday

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Dream big and don’t be afraid of failure: How the CEO of hair-care company Wella AG likes to remind people that nothing is impossible, even in a pandemic

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Walmart expands vaccinations in boost to U.S. COVID-19 program

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Alphabet said it is shutting down its Loon business that used helium balloons to offer internet connectivity. More here:

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Chinese vaping firm RLX valued at nearly $35 billion in U.S. market debut

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PM Trudeau sees 'new era' of Canada-U.S. relations before first call with Biden

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WATCH: Volkswagen reported a nearly 50% drop in its 2020 adjusted operating profit but said car deliveries recovered some ground in the fourth quarter

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Tech shares could retake market reins as earnings heat up

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Swiss court finds Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz guilty of corruption

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Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman's annual pay rises by $6 million

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WATCH: From @Breakingviews - The market for European initial public offerings is heating up, @dasha_reuters explains

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Analysis: Vowing budget control, Brazil faces pressure to keep spending

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Exclusive: Brazil's Vale, state government $2 billion apart on disaster settlement, source says

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U.S. factory activity near 14-year high; home sales rise in December

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The S&P 500 and Dow closed modestly lower Friday, dragged down by losses in blue-chip stocks Intel and IBM

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Boeing says its fleet will be able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030

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