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Excited to get things going in 2021! 😎😷 Appreciative of my partner @vistajet for always getting me everywhere I need to go comfortably and safely.

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Speed update - If you’re serious about hitting 💣’s in 2021, watch this.

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Wishing everyone a happy holiday season. Let’s all put in the work to make 2021 a special year. 👍

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Although this was last year’s most read article...after this holiday season, you may want to read it again 😊

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Quoted @DavidNovakOGO

Whenever we sit down for a meal this holiday season, let’s remember that at least half the the world goes to bed hungry. Let’s be sure to be grateful for what we often take for granted. #wednesdaythought

I enjoy these simple thoughts of gratitude. David is one of the best CEO’s of our time by leading with recognition, gratitude, and compassion. I’m appreciative to call him a friend.

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Starting in 2022, Workday will be the new presenting sponsor of @MemorialGolf.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. joins Nationwide Children’s Hospital as primary beneficiaries of the event hosted by @JackNicklaus.

What a perfect partnership for @Workday , @MemorialGolf and @jacknicklaus…one of the very best events on TOUR is going to get even better.  Thanks to @Nationwide for their incredible support over the past decade!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (other than Masters week, of course) @MizzenAndMain

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Peter Alliss sadly just passed away and I wanted to say how appreciative I am for the joy and entertainment he brought to so many people. His HofF speech is the best I’ve heard and I say “runker baker” every time I’m in Europe (he messed up once and I can’t forget it 😂)

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Here’s a simple fix for a very common fault. @MizzenAndMain

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and all the sponsors, Turner, Stone Canyon and all who made The Match possible. (2/2)

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What a day! Not only did Charles and I shock the world, but more importantly, we raised a ton of money for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Special thanks to Sir Charles, @StephenCurry30 and Peyton for putting themselves out there, Capital One... (1/2)

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The world has been SHOCKED!
My man Sir Charles surprised everyone with his great play and dominating performance. So happy for you and thankful to be your partner.

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Despite having a combined handicap of 16 strokes higher than @StephenCurry30 and Peyton Manning, Sir Charles and I will use this secret formula to defy ALL odds and shock the world.

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After 24 years of marriage, I love when Charles calls Amy my girlfriend. On Thanksgiving, she’s by far what I’m most thankful for in my life.

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Until...Friday #TheMatch

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Quoted @StephenCurry30

They're gonna have to put that 24 second shot clock on Chuck for this thing. He's gonna be burning daylight out there @PhilMickelson 😂😂😂 #TheMatch

Losing to this swing will be DEVASTATING 😂

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The Match is just over one week away!
@StephenCurry30 I try to not let logic, reason, or Chuck’s swing get in the way of my smack talk, so let me just say, you and Peyton are going to be taken down by the worst swing in golf and “that’s gonna leave a mark.” (Tommy Boy)

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Its Masters week and I just wanted to remember Arnold and Seve and thank them for all they’ve done for this great game.

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My brother in law Eric and I were both a little intimidated to join the @CBSSports crew’s Fantasy Football league. After all, they cover football for their job. We’re not intimidated any more 😏
Hope your football season is going well too 😊

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