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The numbers are soaring, and activists offer ideas to protect Asian American residents. (From @NextAvenue)

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The site sits above one of the largest untapped copper reserves in North America and is worth billions of dollars but is also a sacred site for the San Carlos Apache tribe. (From @NewsHour)

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You may know the iconic depression-era image of a mother with three children, but what do you know about the person pictured? Learn more with @artassignment and @PBSDS. #WomensHistoryMonth

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Watch remarkable women dancers in this If Cities Could Dance Celebrates Women's History Month playlist with videos from four seasons of the award-winning series. #WomensHistoryMonth (From @KQEDarts)

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A new executive order from President Biden directs federal agencies to take a series of steps to promote voting access. His plan was announced during a recorded address on the 56th commemoration of “Bloody Sunday." (From @NewsHour)

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Join us in wishing @masterpiecepbs a happy 50th anniversary!

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Get advice for a healthy pregnancy in an unjust health care system. (From @Rewire_dot_org)

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More than 60,000 Ethiopians from the northern war-torn Tigray region have fled to Sudan as the military conflict between the government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front continues to escalate. (From @NewsHour)

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As we gear up for the 2021 #PBSFilmFest, we're taking a look back at the participants and winners of last year's festival.

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Many people in the Great Lakes region are asking the administration to halt the Line 3 pipeline project, as they believe it poses a great threat to indigenous communities and local waterways. (From @NewsHour)

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“I showed my keys & buzzed myself into my building,” Amanda Gorman tweeted of the incident Friday night. “He left, no apology. This is the reality of black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat.” (From @NewsHour)

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“There’s a passion that I think drives farmers…and that is to put the food out there for you to buy at the grocery store.” — Carrie M.

Stream the full #AmericanPortraitPBS series on the PBS Video app. (From @PortraitPBS)

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Chef Karyn Tomlinson makes a Midwest farm family favorite: Pot Roast. But her version varies a bit from her families – nothing comes from a packet. Get the recipe from @TPT:

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Anyone else experiencing major wanderlust? Travel virtually with us and hang out with these Patagonian animals. (From @PBSNature)


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Fewer than 5,000 water customers were still without service Friday in Mississippi's capital city of Jackson. (From @NewsHour)

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“The danger in having multiple animal hosts is you’re adding more players to the evolution games.” (From @novapbs)

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More than 520,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19. @NewsHour takes a moment to honor five remarkable individuals lost to the coronavirus.

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People are turning to flexitarianism for many reasons. Producing a lot of meat and dairy has a big effect on climate change. Eating a lot of meat and dairy is also problematic for animal welfare, our health, and food security. (From @ATN_PBS and @PBSDS)

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While you enjoy part 2 of #BlackChurchPBS tonight, here are some great resources to learn more:

Thank you to everyone who watched #BlackChurchPBS. See this thread for a list of resources ⬇️ related to the film and remember you can re-watch the entire film on the free PBS Video App.

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