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Podcast hosted by @Pharrell, @BrokeMogul & @hitmybeeper f/ inspiring conversations with our culture’s unicorns. New episodes every Monday. SUBSCRIBE BELOW 👇

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@OTHERtone @mcuban @justmoon This is a great episode pertaining to Crypto. I enjoyed it! 👏🏽👏🏽

Thank you for listening! 🙏🏽

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Can you see a future where Cryptocurrencies are used for financial access for underrepresented groups? After this week’s conversation with @mcuban and @justmoon, we see the 🔦 shining.


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Replying to @micopeia: @justmoon @Interledger @Pharrell @mcuban @brokemogul @HitMyBeeper @Coil @OTHERtone Fam, @justmoon ... this is so major! 🙏🏾 Wa…

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This is what crypto sounds like outside of our CT echo chamber when you get levelheaded mainstream advocates discussing BTC, NFTs and web monetisation. Well done to @mcuban and @justmoon on engaging broader audiences via @OTHERtone.

🙏🏽We appreciate you listening!

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@justmoon @Interledger @Pharrell @mcuban @brokemogul @HitMyBeeper @Coil @OTHERtone Fam, @justmoon ... this is so major! 🙏🏾 Way to go. I feel like this interview is such a win for exposure for us all! Thanks for all that you’re doing at @Coil to move web monetization forward!

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@OTHERtone Franchise Director? Suggestion for replacement for the word owner.

Now that's a good one! @theashleysimone

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Replying to @justmoon: This was a BLAST! We quickly zeroed in on the deeper themes of financial inclusion and potential of technologies like @Interl

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Imagine having $400m #btc on your drive, losing the password + having 10 attempts to guess it. No pressure: You also only have 2 attempts left before everything is destroyed. 😳

How far would you go to unlock it? This week we ask @justmoon + @mcuban.

This was a BLAST! We quickly zeroed in on the deeper themes of financial inclusion and potential of technologies like @Interledger to improve people's lives.

So if we recover the password, who's hosting the party?🤔

@Pharrell @mcuban @BrokeMogul @hitmybeeper @Coil @OTHERtone

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.@OTHERtone talking about #btc and #NFT is huge

And it's such a great discussion, too! #btc #NFT 🙏🏽

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What better way to spend your Sunday than getting ready for Monday’s new episode w/ @mcuban + @justmoon? From talks about cryptocurrency like #btc to Stefan’s $384M locked drive 💰, this is the type of currency exchange we like.

Get the episode first:

Replying to @brokemogul: We over $400m now #Bitcoin

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We over $400m now #Bitcoin

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For us, creating space for the culture's unicorns means doing it for the culture by any means; that's why we're hype to be included in the @applepodcasts #BlackHistoryMonth collection.

The culture wins always. In all ways. 💪🏽

Check it out:

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If you walk away with nothing else from this week’s episode with the brilliant @Caradelevingne, remember that your power and passion will always make space for your OTHERness. Always.

Listen: ...

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Thanks for the love @PageSix!

The new #OTHERtone episode with @Caradelevingne is definitely 🔥!

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Self-care is bigger than just spa days. Self-care is taking your power back. For @caradelevingne, part of that process after wrapping a role involves purging, therapy and yoga. Major 💎.

What’s your self-care routine?

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Yo @OTHERtone has @Caradelevingne on thise week!
Love that girl !
Loving the guest @Pharrell

🙏🏽 Thanks for tuning in!

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Consider today’s episode release with @Caradelevingne as your Monday morning breakfast as we talk about therapy methods, maternal instincts and why her role in sex tech is bigger than just a co-sign.

Listen + Subscribe:

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Tomorrow we’re dropping another episode and this time we’ve got OG #OTHERtone guest @Caradelevingne back on to talk role purging, yoga therapy, music tech. Lots of it.

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Kicking it astrologically on @OTHERtone with @Pharrell, @brokemogul and @HitMyBeeper.

Tune in to the entire discussion, that encompasses many things:

In case you missed it...catch this week's new episode with the amazing @IssaRae!

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We know you're all bummed @insecurehbo is ending after season 5... Trust us, we are too 😭. Tune into our latest episode with @IssaRae for her thoughts on the final season.

Listen + get caught up on #OTHERtone:

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