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From tracking snow leopards in the Himalaya to looking for ancient microbial life on Mars, new episodes of #OverheardNatGeo begin on Feb. 2!

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A man walks toward a distant mountain rage in a remote region of Iceland

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We’re thrilled to announce our fall 2020 cohort of Young Explorers! 🎉

This talented group is shaping conversations, inspiring action, and making an impact in their communities. Help us celebrate the newest #GenGeo leaders:

Congratulations to the newest class of National Geographic Young Explorers!

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Years or even decades in the future, #COVID19 could transition into a mild childhood illness. But this transition won’t happen overnight

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These women left home in fear, hope, or desperation, seeking new lives. Some found opportunity—others found more uncertainty

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From pet portraits to family scenes, discover stories that might touch your heart in these photography books

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The rediscovery of the Mindo harlequin toad could mean there’s hope yet for this family of amphibians amid the devastation caused by the chytrid fungus

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See how the climate where you live could be transformed if carbon emissions continue to rise

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Across Europe, parts of North Africa, and the Middle East, the remnants of these roads can be found crisscrossing the landscape

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The Florida grasshopper sparrow—which just two years ago seemed doomed to extinction—is making a comeback

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Bighorn sheep deliver headbutts at over 20 miles per hour—enough to kill a human

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The simplest advice for making the most of a spring escape: focus on outdoor activities away from crowds and close to home

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The Moderna vaccine seems to be less effective against the South African variant, but as a precaution, Moderna is also developing a new form of booster vaccine

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Microaggressions are subtle, everyday exchanges that convey bias. Here’s how parents can help their kids identify, correct, and prevent them

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On January 25, Moderna announced that its vaccine is effective in protecting against the SARS-CoV-2 variants that were first identified in the United Kingdom and South Africa

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Your Shot photographer Subhash Nair spotted this African Elephant walking through the morning mist in Kenya's Amboseli National Park

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Conservation efforts are tied to income flowing from the Osa’s tourist trade, which has been reduced to a trickle by the pandemic

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In one of the wildest, most remote places in the contiguous United States, locals grapple with what defines public use, and who gets to decide the fate of a forest

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Making a difference “takes a level of empathy and perspective-taking.” Here's how you can raise an empathetic change-maker

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