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In a stunning time-lapse, a filmmaker reveals the first fleeting moments of life for an alpine newt

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The planned removal of the Klamath River dams may help restore the declining population of Chinook salmon

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Albatrosses can fly millions of miles during a lifetime, but they don’t live a solitary existence

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Local organizations have become part of a widespread, informal network of support for vulnerable communities in Athens

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In rural Oklahoma, Ryan RedCorn, an Osage photographer, creates portraits that help him tell the stories of his people and his home #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth

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"Dear future generations, I hope we will be able to see the Arctic wildlife as we do now," writes Your Shot photographer Florian Ledoux

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This shield-like coating is made of calcite with high levels of magnesium, a type found only in one other biological structure: sea urchin teeth, which can grind limestone.

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Check out our new #AR experience on Instagram, which allows viewers to place life-size dinosaurs in their space: #NatGeoReimaginingDinos 🦕🦖

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"For those of us at the beginning of our adult lives, the faltering start caused by the pandemic means that our choices will matter even more"

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"National parks and protected public lands are only as protected as the current generation is willing to stand up for them," says photographer Pete McBride

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"This was Squawkzilla. This was a potential horror that was maybe eating other parrots"

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While tiny and adorable, grasshopper mice are natural killers from the day they are born

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Both land managers and outdoor enthusiasts are working to lighten visitors’ impact on public lands

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"To this day I’m still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars out there."

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What does the #Thanksgiving holiday celebrate?

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Aside from deciding whether to ask for seconds, not much is said about the guest of honor at the holiday table: the turkey. That’s a shame, since the bird has left a significant mark on history, science, language, and culture #HappyThanksgiving

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Climate change is shifting many of the conditions under which the plants thrive, from warming winters to changing summers

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Your Shot photographer Zlatko Borenović documented this roe deer as it peeked out from high grasses

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From the signing of the Mayflower Compact to the landing at Plymouth Rock, the grade-school story of the Pilgrims doesn’t quite square with the facts

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This entire week, we are celebrating what scientists have unearthed about the secrets of dinosaurs in recent years: #NatGeoReimaginingDinos

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