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The way my therapist’s cat WAILED to escape today’s televisit 🙀 .............. absolutely savage read ........ cured, skin cleared, hair loss reversed !!!

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Replying to @rtraister: I had a long and nerdy conversation with @staceyabrams about the last decade in Georgia, what comes next (and why caring abo…

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Replying to @seanieviola: Me after sending out exactly one email

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The way Shameika, my sourdough starter, is so specific to April 2020 ....... refrigerate her in the time capsule.

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1 in 4 voters is a white evangelical ..... not a quarter of white voters, 1 in 4 ..... period 😱

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Always listen to ⁦@NPRCodeSwitch⁩, but this week’s ep about race and the electorate blew my mind 🤯

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Me, when I remembered that Anne Archer was robbed 😤🐰

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Only thing better than rewatching MOONSTRUCK & FATAL ATTRACTION was gabbing w/ @bmanuel, @kathia_woods, @AtoEssandoh & our estimable host @nathanielr for the 1987 Supporting Actress Smackdown 👇🏽

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Only a man would imagine seaside romance without a single flyaway !!!!

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Is it possible ? ....... that men ....... ? shouldn’t direct love stories ...... ?? between women ???

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I had a long and nerdy conversation with @staceyabrams about the last decade in Georgia, what comes next (and why caring about Buffy, Spike and Angel is important to her world view):

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Meanwhile on THE GOOD WIFE season 1 ......... Diane is what we call qualified for a judgeship 😤

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Me after sending out exactly one email

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If your friends don’t treat you like @theestallion .............. they are not your friends ☝🏽

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'I personally 100-percent feel that studios have the responsibility to make diverse casting, that's not situationally fetishy, the norm, because it will show these guys in a different light.' - @DominicFord, founder of @JustForFansSite

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'I started Haus of Konnor because I believed that most up-and-coming models of color weren't getting the same guidance. HK works hard to make sure models [don't feel] exploited. We ensure they get the proper pay, treatment, and respect." - @MAXKONNORXXXXX

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'Porn has a direct correlation to real-life situations, in which white people [who fetishize] Black people see that scene and think that's perfectly hot, that validates my fetishization and dehumanization of these people. Porn studios don't understand that' - @RaceCooper4Real

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'Porn, like mainstream media, demonstrates and perpetuates ideas about desire — which bodies are beautiful, whether they ought to be worshipped or degraded, who has value.'

My investigation of the industry's reckoning w/ racism for @EdgeMediaNet

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Trying to stay calm about Riz Ahmed in SOUND OF METAL ....... it’s not going well !!!

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Thinking of tweets all day and not sending any ......... my superpower.

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Can we start casting the miniseries now? Who will direct?

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Quoted @PulitzerPrizes

Congratulations to Michael R. Jackson [@TheLivingMJ] and @phnyc. #Pulitzer

It was an honor to serve on the nominating jury for the 2020 Pulitzer in Drama.

Could not be more thrilled for @TheLivingMJ! A STRANGE LOOP tore up new ground, electrified audiences, snatched wigs AND a Pulitzer!! ✨

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