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Stop planning and just get going—all the planning in the world won't make you successful and won't prevent you from failure.

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As we head into the second wave of #COVID, consumers are STILL buying and spending! My advice? Focus on pivoting and strengthen your online presence. All entrepreneurs need to switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. @bnnbloomberg

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NOW is the time to build. Cancel your Netflix account. Remove all distractions. Right now there is nothing else to do. No weekend flights or late night parties. It's the perfect time to build YOUR dream. Only when you believe in yourself will you convince others to invest in you.

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Don't take advice from people you don’t want to be. Period.

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Just 4.4% better a week = 10x better a year. We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year.

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Humbled to be named alongside incredible Canadian leaders like @JohnTory, @tobi, @mkatchen, @danlevy, @Nick_Nurse_NBA, and most importantly, all the frontline workers. Thank you @torontolife! 🇨🇦

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Celebrating #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay! Tonight at 9 PM EST on @cbcdragon, we have 3 female founders who will be pitching their awesome businesses. 💜

Are you or know any womxn-led businesses? Comment below and let's support our female entrepreneurs!

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Reminder to catch the new episode on @cbc or @cbcgem! My personal favourite pitch is @milkstabrew - you won't want to miss it

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If you are under 30 and think your scale-up could benefit from a little boost apply for @LOIUnplugged's #BOOST residency for youth-led scale-ups by December 7th! Incredible opportunity to get resources, networking, & more to grow your startup.

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What are some awesome books or podcasts you've read or listened to recently? Thinking of putting together a #MichList of top books & podcasts I've checked out this year. Let me know if this is something of interest.

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The biggest secret I learned this year? The best leaders are not liked all the time. The best leaders produce WINS. And everyone wants to be part of a winning team. Many people aren't ok with this but it's something you need to overcome if you're looking to be a great leader.

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It’s been a tough year. We have to go out of our way to be a little bit more loving. But a little goes a long way. We could all use a little bit more love and positivity.

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Any good early Black Friday Cyber Monday deals? Let's start a thread👇🏻

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Spoiler alert: there's a pitch on tonight's episode that had me lost for words 😂 I was put on blast for sure. Be sure to tune in tonight at 9 PM EST to find out! @cbcdragon

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Replying to @AnticaLTD: "I've failed more than I've succeeded, and I'm not alone" youngest @cbcdragon and serial entrepreneur, @MicheleRomanow talks…

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Quoted @SVC2UK

Great to hear from @MicheleRomanow, the co-founder & President of @clearbanc - a company that launched in #London & the UK last week!

Clearbanc has invested in 8 times more women than the investor average 👏 #SVC2UK

Thank you for @SVC2UK for having me on your 2020 Digital Summit. Feeling inspired by all the incredible tech innovations happening all around the world. A digital-first world now lets us build connections from Silicon Valley to the UK.

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Loving all the French coverage about @clearbanc and Toronto's growing tech scene! Thank you @lemondefr and @lnjouan for the mention.

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“If you have a combination of brand and audience, you can become very valuable.”

First time in Vogue! My 10-year-old self is dying omg. Via @voguebusiness & @maghanmcd

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"I've failed more than I've succeeded, and I'm not alone" youngest @cbcdragon and serial entrepreneur, @MicheleRomanow talks about how she and other founders re-shaped failures to create new ventures. Tune into 'The Revisionaries' on to hear more!

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Entrepreneurship is a tough f*cking career. It’s really nice when you see the glamorous moments but 80% of this career, you fail. Your products don’t work, your ideas don’t work, your marketing campaigns fall flat, or no one cares about what you just built.

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