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Netizen. And a person who keeps mentioning ppl.

kyu batao kaha rehta hu mein?

Joined on 25 December, 2020

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Quoted @TimeworksYT

YouTube is trying to rick roll us...

Find out how in this episode of FROLiC FRiDAY!!!

Play RickAstley? Wtf

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Ok so my pfp is @JackMasseyWelsh

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Quoted @gogiinc

Just got this from #OnePlus freeze dried ready to eat anywhere on the planet

Wth is freeze dried?

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Quoted @AppleSupport

Quickly set a timer right from Control Center. ⏲

Like this.

I like @AppleSupport because of those awesome animations in their tutorials! They do it better than anyone else....

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Quoted @dashlane

This was a TEST, do not ever share your passwords publicly!

My password is : even if you login to my account there will be 2 step verifycation 🀣🀣🀣

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Among us accounts? So awesome!

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Quoted @AmongUsGame

hey Crewmates, small feature✨

we've just added Quickchat (v 2021.2.21) - this is an easier, faster and safer option to play if you're using text chat! more info in game.

i know u're waiting for the big update news too. the ball is rolling, promise i'll get u more info soon! πŸ™


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Quoted @TechnicalGuruji

21 #GalaxyS21​ Smartphones For You - Epic Experience!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
via @YouTubeIndia @SamsungIndia

Itne phone rakhe karoge kya paisa waste karte hi rahte ho...

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@TimeworksYT awesome video!
But the thing is I hate long videos 🀬

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Quoted @TimeworksYT


Thank you all for being apart of this amazing journey

Epic plans and big things coming so WATCH OUT!! It's gonna be epic

I love you all, and ofc - Fly On πŸ’™


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Replying to @TechnicalGuruji: LIKE and RT.. #GalaxyS21 #TGFamily...
Love you Guys...

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Quoted @wimpykid

Ten more days before this one comes out!

I really couldn't agree more to these awesome books!

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Quoted @OfficialTantri

I don’t ever remember agreeing to this β€˜Mantri’ thing.


When did you find Hooja? @OfficialTantri
You should probably resign as Mantri. Go and be king of some new city.
Your plans always fail..... what next?

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Quoted @PrimeVideoIN

if we want to give our twitter account to a fictional character to handle, who do we give it to? πŸ€”

Sheldon Cooper better known as Iain Armitage (actor in young sheldon)
He will tweet all this stuff about science knowledge and something stupid... his tweets won't be funny thats all I know.

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These companies keep making fool of us....

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See I will tag my favorite YouTubers here πŸ‘πŸ‘
#1 @Splitter_YT
2) @TimeworksYT
3) @ContANT_1
4) @FunnyBruh7
Im the Mentioning Guy. I like to mention and tag people in my tweets but no one likes to see them.

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LIKE and RT.. #GalaxyS21 #TGFamily...
Love you Guys...

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Quoted @akshayanant

An ad full of lies.

Indian food has always been health spoiler since ages. Hence, majority of 40s population don’t have a trimmed tummy/sharp jawline.
Easy to identify uncle and aunties in India.
They continue loving dalda. Huh 😏😏😏

Yeah like @FitTuber also made a video on Dalda.

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If you want "fun facts" then follow @UberFacts
Thats all I got. If anyone can add some handle to follow that would be real helpful.
This whole thread for @Splitter_YT

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@manishm why did you suspend @WhiteHatSnr and @iamPoonia Twitter accounts. If criminal can have Twitter ids, why can't Pradeep have one?
You all can suspend DT just for harassment and meanwhile you all are suspending Pradeep's Twitter handles just bc he is telling the truth #WHJ

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