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Time to get these figures back in action. Pick yours up today to relive the adventure and create all-new ones!

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This #FanArtFriday, we're going full Beast Mode with this incredible piece by william_m_chasteen (IG).

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No gym? No problem! There’s no place like OMMMMMM.

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Which MOTU character would be most likely to hog the remote?

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I guess what they say is true. Blondes really do have more fun! #NationalTriviaDay

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Eternians have some big plans for 2021. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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What will your next adventure be? Fill in the blank, and check out the full MOTU Mad Libs on our Stories in Instagram. Buy #MOTU Mad libs here:

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In Eternia, holiday traditions look just a little bit different.

[ The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ]

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When glad tidings turn bad, you know Skeletor's involved. Share a picture of your MOTU stocking stuffers here!

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Winter mode: Activated.

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Trap Jaw is ready to take a bite out of the weekend this #FanArtFriday. Thanks striffle (IG) for sharing!

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Take a piece (or 500) of the legend home with you and solve your way to Eternia with this exclusive jigsaw puzzle from @Mattel!

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When someone tells you to stop being so dramatic.

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When you're trying to avoid last-minute assignments before the weekend.

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It’s like looking into a MOTU mirror…almost. This exclusive Lords of Power 5-pack recreates the prototype sculpts of the #MOTU heroes and villains we know and love today.

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Déjà vu, anyone? This tiger can change his stripes.

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When you’re trying to combine all of your Cyber Monday offer codes.

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Stinkor can turn any #FanArtFriday foul. herrhulm (IG) truly captured ‘The Stench of Evil,’ don’t you think?

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Because it's not Turkey Day without a POWER nap!

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