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Tune in to “Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller” on @natgeochannel Wednesdays at 9 ET/8CT. Co-founder of @Muck_Media. Peabody + DuPont Award-winning reporter.

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Quoted @lvgrizfan

@MarianaVZ In today’s media environment where we question everything we see, good question, but if you have followed @MarianaVZ career, you would know that she’s legit. She’s the one of the last truth telling reporters we have on American TV if not one of the best of all time.

Appreciate ur comment. But know there are incredible journalists around who risk way more. Many of whom I’ve had privilege of working w/. Especially now when media being attacked at home and journos killed abroad. Would add that local journos are the unsung heroes of our industry

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Quoted @bumpo2

@Explain_Podcast @MarianaVZ @hulu I apologize if this has been asked and answered but have there been situations where something changed at the last second which made it too dangerous and your team had to bail? Absolutely love the show!

Mos def :-) Many.

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Quoted @Longevitous

@MarianaVZ Anyone give you trouble for all those drone shots? Flying one near the US-Mexico border seems like you'd need permission. Any chance of a behind the scenes episode or directors commentary style podcast? Can't wait for season two.

No trouble but many areas where we can’t fly drone. And we didn’t.

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Quoted @Patriot71168

@MarianaVZ It is a good show and educational but I can’t help but feel a lot of it is staged.

It would certainly make our lives much easier. But thankfully it is not. We spend months, sometimes even years gaining access to these worlds. Plus, I have the best team. Tenacity, determination and a sense of purpose can lead you a long, long way.

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Quoted @MaNueLEmy

@MarianaVZ ¡Me quito el sombrero ante ti, eres excelente y muy valiente para inmiscuirte entre tanta gente "mala" del narcotráfico!

Muchas gracias 🎩

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Quoted @MS_SKINS28

@MarianaVZ i just have to say I have absolutely loved watching your show on Nat Geo. You are the bravest woman. I spend almost the whole show afraid for you. I also appreciate your kindness and down to earthness you have. Keep up with amazing work you do. Thanks for all you do!!!

Thank you so much 😊

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Quoted @dixonsd

@MarianaVZ But you’re not away from home the entire time? You go back & forth?

That time includes pre production and post production. Which is why we’re able to work on several episodes at the same time. 😁

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Quoted @PendejoNaranja

@MarianaVZ You are SO BRAVE! The stuff that you do is SO dangerous! I love watching Trafficked and look forward to the second season.

Please take extra care and stay extra safe!

Much love! You're the GOAT!

Question: How long does it take to film a typical episode?

Each episode takes about 5 to 6 months from start to finish.

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Quoted @Clancy007k

@xmasboyvt @MarianaVZ All these people have to do is vet her and I’m sure they do and see she does a really good job of keeping there anonymity . I was going to say criminals but I called them people @MarianaVZ what have you done to me 🤣🤣

Love that!

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Quoted @Cbro_Corinth

@MarianaVZ Did you used to work at Current TV with Kaj & Rollie?


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Quoted @xmasboyvt

@MarianaVZ how do you get so many drone shots? Like when parking to meet blonde? Or getting on a boat to meet the gun runners? It seems like a drone would freak people out.

Some are done after the meetings

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Quoted @pewpew53987393

@MarianaVZ do you have any new shows in the works?

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Replying to @Explain_Podcast: Have you listened to our episode with @MarianaVZ? You can now catch Trafficked on @hulu!

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Quoted @inez_DannyM

How were you able to keep your composure meeting all this people in the gun running episode? I would’ve been super freaked out! @MarianaVZ

Keeping calm is the surest way to stay safe :-)

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Have you listened to our episode with @MarianaVZ? You can now catch Trafficked on @hulu!

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Quoted @ChristakosMaria

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel The guns episode touched our soul. The mothers looking for murdered family members by poking the ground and smelling sticks or looking for body parts was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Can we help these women by at the very least get them cadaver dogs to help them?

They are an amazing group of people - Sabuesos Guerreras. Some of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met.

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Quoted @goncalocancela1

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Quando estreia o programa em 🇵🇹?


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Quoted @jamied28

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Do you know when it’s available in Uk ?

Jan 18

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TONIGHT at 9p on @NatGeoChannel. Don’t miss the season finale of TRAFFICKED.

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