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Kelly Loeffler ( @KLoeffler ) Twitter Profile


Kelly Loeffler

Conservative businesswoman, political outsider, and former U.S. Senator from Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Joined on 7 April, 2009

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It was an honor to speak with @maggieslist1 last week, including their incredible leaders and Congressional members. Thank you for all of your work to help more women's voices be heard!

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.@TigerWoods is a generational athlete and an inspiration to so many.

Praying for his speedy recovery 🙏🏻

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I joined @foxandfriends this morning to discuss our mission at @GreaterGeorgia.

Together, we will engage more voters and advance pro-growth policies that create more opportunities in our state!

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Join our fight today!

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Do you feel like your voice was heard in the 2020 election? Do you feel your vote was secure?

For too many the answer is NO

& that’s a serious problem.

I’m launching @GreaterGeorgia to register new voters, reach more communities & strengthen our elections.

RT & follow along!

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Replying to @TheLeoTerrell: I am honored to call you a friend. @KLoeffler @SenatorLoeffler

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Quoted @SenatorLoeffler

It has been the honor of my lifetime to serve Georgia in the United States Senate.

Full speech here:

I am honored to call you a friend. @KLoeffler @SenatorLoeffler

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Serving our great state has been the honor of my lifetime.

Thank you, Georgia!

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If you’re still in line to vote, stay there!

Georgia, it’s time to save our country 🇺🇸

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Georgia — are you ready?

It’s time to Hold The Line.

It’s time to Save Our Country 🇺🇸


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Replying to @Perduesenate: Joint statement from me and @KLoeffler on Election Day turnout.


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Quoted @AndrewPollackFL

I’ve experienced the ruthless evil of Democrats after Parkland.

We can’t afford to lose our Senate to them.

Georgians must get out and VOTE for @KLoeffler and @Perduesenate!

Watch my speech at the Georgia rally👇🏼

Thank you, Andrew! You are in inspiration to every American.

Georgia, get out and VOTE!

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Joint statement from me and @KLoeffler on Election Day turnout.


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.@ReverendWarnock obstructed a child abuse investigation, celebrated Castro, called police officers “thugs,” and hasn’t done a thing to help Georgians struggling during this pandemic.

Georgia, we deserve better.

Get out and VOTE today!

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This is Alan Dunn.

He’s a veteran who was in the ICU just 10 days ago recovering from Covid.

He waited in line today to vote for me and @Perduesenate.

If he can vote to save our country, so can you.

God bless you, Alan! Let’s get it done, Georgia!

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It’s lunchtime. Have you voted yet?

If you haven’t — GO VOTE and bring 10 people know!

If you have — call your family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they have too! #gapol #gasen

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If you’re our voice TODAY, @Perduesenate and I will be your voice for years to come!

GO VOTE — and make sure everyone you know votes too! #gapol #gasen

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It’s a GREAT morning to wave signs!


Then call your family, your friends, and neighbors and make sure they’ve voted too!


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Georgia, we have a job to do TODAY. 

We have to STOP socialism. 

We have to PROTECT the American Dream. 

We have to SAVE our country! 

VOTE! #gapol #gasen

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