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Good for you! Stay strong. It took me 23 years to do the same.

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Quoted @Breaking911

Articles of Impeachment Filed Against President Joe Biden -

She must have promised Trump to do this. How much $$$$$ did he pay her for this?

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McConnell proposes delaying impeachment trial until February so Trump team can prepare..


Trump has had enough time.... why so he can come up with MORE lies....

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We are wishing a warm welcome to our new @NBC10 traffic reporter Rosie! She will be live tweeting traffic incidents from our station page. Be sure to follow! @NBC10_Mario @alison_bologna @NBC10_Lindsay

Welcome 👋

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Kind, funny and always the first to fight me on West vs East bay... well today I’ll say the east bay is superior because it had you my friend.
We will always love you Rapp, hope you’re enjoying some banana cream pie in heaven 💔💔💔 @NBC10

I didn’t know he passed away...😢 condolences to his family and friends. He was a great reporter RIP🙏🙏

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Quoted @donwinslow

They got into Nancy Pelosi's private office - which is heavily fortified - and stopped and took pictures sitting in her chair.

Totally disgusting 🤮

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@ddale8 The riots will continue and Trump will make only minimal effort to pretend to discourage them until he is removed from office.

In a straight jacket 🧥

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Without saying your age, tell me something from your youth that was super popular...

Chatty Kathy

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Replying to @NBC10_Lindsay: I'd like to start a petition that Betty White get vaccinated immediately because we need to protect her and there are st…

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I'd like to start a petition that Betty White get vaccinated immediately because we need to protect her and there are still 13 days left in #2020 ... #BettyWhite #ProtectBettyWhite

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Quoted @SenSanders

People who lost health insurance during the pandemic:

Canada: 0
United Kingdom: 0
Germany: 0
France: 0
Australia: 0
Japan: 0
South Korea: 0
Taiwan: 0
Denmark: 0
Finland: 0
Norway: 0
United States: 14,600,000

Health care must be a right, not an employee benefit.

Not right..

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Write a Horror Story in two words!

Trump Cloned

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Thank you #60Mins for clarifying to the American people that our 2020 election was not rigged.

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So today is a big day. I have friends on both sides that take this vote to heart. I wish both sides good luck. As I said before I have my side but if I end up on the losing side you won’t hear me Bitch. Also if I end up on the winning side you won’t see me gloat. Just VOTE!

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@CityofAtlanta Thank you! Be safe!

Be safe #HappyQuilt3r

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Quoted @SenSchumer

Wear a mask.

It’s October 28th and Trump “Still” doesn’t have a plan 🙁😷

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Hope, Love, and Support for Shawn.

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