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Somebody’s droppin a single on 👀👀

Available for streaming or purchase as well as a music video on December 10th :)

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Thanks everyone so much for all of the support. Getting eliminated from #TheVoice is really tough, but I have so much to be thankful for. My dreams literally came true this year.

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Quoted @VoiceViews

James Pyle (@Jamespylemusic ) already has an EP out and talks about it here. @NBCTheVoice

Yeah he does 😏

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Replying to @NBCTheVoice: .@camiclune and @Jamespylemusic's Battle will go down in #TheVoice history. ✨ #TeamLegend #VoiceBattles https://t.co/65PMF…

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Quoted @blakeshelton

And that.. ladies and gentleman.. is why I save my steal until the very end! Welcome to Team Blake @Jamespylemusic! #TeamBlake #VoiceBattles

Thanks Blakey Poo
I can call you that right?
(Yeah we’re cool)

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Thanks Blakey poo @blakeshelton #teamblake
They don’t call me #MrFinale for nothin’
(Nobody calls me that)


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.@camiclune and @Jamespylemusic's Battle will go down in #TheVoice history. ✨ #TeamLegend #VoiceBattles

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So excited to finally show everyone the arrangement of Wicked Game I worked on with the extremely talented @camiclune
Tune in to #thevoice Monday ;)


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Quoted @camiclune

AH I am so excited for you all to see this battle!! I had such an awesome time singing with @Jamespylemusic !! Thank you @NBCTheVoice 💜 #TheVoice

THIS WAS SO FUN. Working with @johnlegend @camiclune and @Miguel was incredible! I learned so much, thanks everyone 🙏🕺🏻

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Quoted @KristineVarkony

Columbus' @Jamespylemusic talks about the Ohio musicians who he thinks will inspire him most on @NBCTheVoice.

(including his coach @johnlegend, of course)

Hey who dat 👀
Thanks @KristineVarkony 🕺🏻

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#malcolmgladwell 😂I forgot I put that
I stand by what I said.

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Quoted @johnlegend

What a way to complete my team!! Team Legend is now full with the amazingly talented @Jamespylemusic! #VoiceBlinds #TeamLegend

That’s one smart coach right there ;)

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#TeamLegend babbbyyyyyy
Thanks everyone so much! This has been such a wild night ❤️@Harry_Styles @johnlegend @NBCTheVoice

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