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Ian Poulter

Professional Golfer on PGA & European Tour.
Dad to the best kids.
Husband to the most beautiful wife.

Instagram: @ianjamespoulter
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Grinding out here in Dubai🙌🏼👊🏼


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Ian Poulter the Ryder Cup legend? Ian Poulter the Postman? How about Ian Poulter the Mentor?

Throughout 2020 Ahmad Skaik had @IanJamesPoulter in his corner, providing digital coaching & online mentoring. See how this improved Ahmad’s game ahead of this year’s season


Ahmad is going from strength to strength with his game🙌👊

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“Short back and sides please Poults”

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Only one way I am getting out of that grapple... #IHadCurryLastNight💨

@ADGolfChamps @EuropeanTour

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Only open on weekends...😉🤣

Who is up next?

@terrymundy you’re welcome💈

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First round 71 -1, just 2 birdies, 1 bogey, and no eagles...well apart from the best clubhouse fairway shot in golf.

@EuropeanTour @ADGolfChamps #ADGolfChamps

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@tyrrellhatton, @justinthomas34 & I will be auctioning these at with all funds raised going directly to the cause. #beatNTDs #ReachTheEnd

What a great cause @reachtheendorg !

Thanks to @FootJoy @nomadcustoms I love the design🙌🏼

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You may have noticed today's custom Footjoys👊🏼

1/5 people worldwide is affected by preventable infectious diseases. Abu Dhabi has donated more than $250m since 2010 to Neglected Tropical Diseases. #beatNTDs #ReachTheEnd

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Excited to try out my @nomadcustoms x @FootJoy shoes tomorrow in the first tournament of 2021🙌🏼

@ADGolfChamps let’s do this!

@EuropeanTour #ADGolfChamps

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Enjoyable Pro Am today, game is feeling good, bring on round 1 tomorrow👊🏼🙌🏼

📸 @MattHarrisPIXs

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Pro Am team mate @saifthabet87 holing out from 190 yards for eagle 🦅👊🏼

@EGFuaegolf @ADGolfChamps #ADGolfChamps

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The lads have arrived in Abu Dhabi for the first tournament of 2021👊🏼

@EuropeanTour #ADGolfChamps

@WestwoodLee @TyrrellHatton @henrikstenson

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@IanJamesPoulter @RyderCupEurope @EuropeanTour @rydercup #MiracleInMyDiner this is Kimi 6ys old ... Ryder cup lover and supporter of @F_Molinari @TommyFleetwood1 and @IanJamesPoulter

👏🏼👏🏼 superstar in the making! Go Kimi!

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Filling the cup☕️


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New blog now up on my website🗒🙌🏼

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I am nominating José Olazábal, @McIlroyRory @JustinRose99 @PaulLawriegolf @Graeme_McDowell @F_Molinari @LukeDonald @WestwoodLee @TheSergioGarcia @peterhanson17 @MKaymer59 @Coelsss @thomasbjorngolf @DarrenClarke60 @mcginleygolf @majimenez1964

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#MiracleInMyDiner - Everyone needs a little lockdown fun, so give it your best shot and make sure to tag me and use the hashtag!

Let’s see what you got👊🏼

@RyderCupEurope @EuropeanTour @rydercup

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Rolling the rock...👊🏼🎯

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