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Don Scott

Husband, dad, attorney, and Delegate representing the 80th District in the Virginia House of Delegates #forwardtogether

Portsmouth, VA

Joined on 14 May, 2019

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All politics all the time. That’s why I asked folks to slow down and wait for all the facts. Y’all need to apologize to Chief Chapman, ⁦@GovernorVA⁩ , and ⁦@VaPSHS⁩ for accusing them of possible crimes when they were never privy to the reports.

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Quoted @TerryMcAuliffe

So proud to have @LIUNA by my side! We have an opportunity to lift up working families across the Commonwealth. Together, we'll get it done.

Congratulations, @TerryMcAuliffe ! @LIUNA knows that you will stand with working families and those being ill affected by this pandemic.

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Quoted @JusticeFwdVa

BREAKING: Probation Reform has PASSED a final @VASenate vote and is on to @GovernorVA’s desk! Chief Patron Del @DonScott757, “Probation is a pipeline to make sure this mass incarceration system always has Black bodies.” Thank you Delegate for serving justice to a broken system!

This is what it’s all about-changing the trajectory for all families! I’m hype! The probation system as it’s designed is not a tool to enhance re-entry. I pray this bill begins to change this.

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Quoted @JenniferBoysko

Every Member of ⁦@VASenateDems⁩ copatroned this important bill, now on its way to ⁦@GovernorVA⁩! Thank you ⁦@DonScott757⁩ for your continued leadership on criminal justice reform!

I want to thank @VaBlackCaucus, @HouseDemocrats all the @VASenateDems and the Republican senators and delegates who said yes to probation reform! I want to thank @MeekMill , @REFORM and @JusticeFwdVa for all the love on this issue. Next stop @GovernorVA!

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That’s why I ride hard with @TerryMcAuliffe because when all the snooty folks (of all ethnicities) told me not to run-he was down. He endorsed me from day one-came down and offered assistance and not just a check and a photo op. I won’t ever forget.

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Quoted @SenLouiseLucas

Virginia Democrats don’t tear each other down by repeating Republican smears. We build each other UP.

Sad @SenLouiseLucas because you know our opponents always use law enforcement to attack political opponents. Let’s talk about the policy we disagree on. When I ran, my opponents used my background on me too. From day one, @TerryMcAuliffe came to Portsmouth and stood with us.

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Quoted @MelLeonor_

Virginia needs sweeping changes to its schools, housing laws, criminal justice system and other areas of policy to remedy the legacy of centuries of government-sanctioned racial oppression. via @rtdnews

There can be no doubt as to the racially designed structural policy impediments through business, education,health and law.We have identified symptoms for decades, we have identified a diagnosis -the hard part: what real resources (financial and spiritual) do we commit to repair?

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Quoted @VaBlackCaucus

Del. @DonScott757 emphasized the importance of economic prosperity & opportunities for all. “It is my prayer that a society that once sought to use the criminal justice system to criminalize Black voices will now move to right the injustices of the past.”

Don’t tell me that you want social justice without economic justice. Romance without finance is a nuisance.

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Quoted @REFORM

Thanks to @DonScott757, @MeekMill, and the @VaHouse, Virginia is one step closer to reforming its broken probation system—but the work is not finished.

Sign up to join our movement in your state:

Probation reform is moving forward from the House of Delegates! Thank you @MeekMill , @JusticeFwdVa and @REFORM -next stop Virginia Senate. Let’s allow everyone to chase their dreams!

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Quoted @JusticeFwdVa

BREAKING: Del @DonScott757’s HB2038—Probation Reform, PASSES!“This is an opportunity for those who are allies & that believe that all lives matter..this is an opportunity to remove the proverbial knee on the neck of marginalized communities.” #endmasssupervision #justiceforwardva

It passed! Big step-Senate next. Probation should be about successful transition and being productive in the community with an end in mind-not locking people back up for committing no new criminal offense. Thank you to all the advocates like @JusticeFwdVa and @REFORM

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@VanJones68⁩ Thank you and Reform Alliance for supporting true justice reform by allowing people to not go to straight to jail for having committed o new criminal offense. Your testimony today on the bill was very much appreciated.

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Quoted @BPaves

Coming up: A bill from @TommyNorment that would give Cap. Sq Preservation Council control over "artifacts" inside VA House/Senate chambers.

Context: @EFillerCorn unilaterally removed some Confederate items last summer.

The Empire Strikes Back! The Republican leadership continues to fight the battle of the Lost Cause. @EFillerCorn hurt their little feelings by removing their Confederate heroes from the Capitol and they now want to remove the authority of the first woman Speaker of the House.

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Replying to @C_Herring: Today HB2312, legalizing adult-use marijuana, will be heard in Gen Laws sub cmte. This bill was crafted out of a JLARC study…

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Today HB2312, legalizing adult-use marijuana, will be heard in Gen Laws sub cmte. This bill was crafted out of a JLARC study and Administration workgroup to ensure public safety and health, while taking great strides forward on equity.

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Replying to @pwcdanica: @enfieldmike Thanks. I voted for every criminal justice & policing reform bill that made it to the House floor during specia…

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@enfieldmike Thanks. I voted for every criminal justice & policing reform bill that made it to the House floor during special session and am supporting more, incarceration included. That said, each delegate has areas of expertise. I recommend following Del. @DonScott757, who’s been brilliant.

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Quoted @SchneiderG

Just learned Del. Vivian Watts (D) is filing an emergency bill enabling redistricting commissioners to remove a member for misconduct, aiming at this case

Come on Republicans, election conspiracists should not be on the freaking redistricting commission! Save us the trouble, admit Trump lost and ask this person to resign.

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Replying to @VaBlackCaucus: Del. @DonScott757 responds to the needless politicization of Virginia’s COVID-19 response.

“I am very disappointed tha…

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Del. @DonScott757 responds to the needless politicization of Virginia’s COVID-19 response.

“I am very disappointed that there are folks still trying to politicize COVID-19. This is devastating on Communities of Color. This has been devastating on all of Virginians.”

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We celebrate MLK day today. He was a great leader no doubt. However, don’t forget he was a husband and father whose brilliant life was taken at 39. I pray we all can make one iota of the sacrifices he made for justice and equality for the least of these amongst us.

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Quoted @VaBlackCaucus

This baseless talking point by Senator Amanda Chase is clearly a distraction from Senator Chase’s participation in fomenting the violent insurrection against the United States on January 6, 2021.

Every Republican in the Virginia General Assembly who cherishes our democracy should join the @VaBlackCaucus in supporting @SenLouiseLucas and condemning the racist tactics of Amanda Chase. What could be more bipartisan at this hour in our history?

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Quoted @ShannonSharpe

I thought all you had to do was comply and you wouldn’t be shot or brutalized by police. 🤔🤔

Qualified Immunity? Nope-too expensive.

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