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We use the power of the law to protect life on Earth. We’re working to secure a lasting civilisation for people and nature.

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With levels of atmospheric CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels rising, the planet’s natural carbon sinks have never been more vital. That’s why we work tirelessly to protect forests and oceans, two of the biggest natural carbon sinks on the planet.

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We welcome @CommonsEAC’s call for mandatory climate reporting for companies receiving Covid financing.

But Government should impose additional legally enforceable conditions – including a requirement for companies to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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Quoted @MumsForLungs

Good morning @pow_rebecca. In 2019 @michaelgove pledged to adopt @WHO #AirPollution targets. Will you deliver on this promise by including these in the #EnvironmentBill? Our children have been breathing toxic air for too long. #VoteCleanAir

#AirPollution is damaging people’s health, reducing their quality of life and cutting lives short. That's why the gvt needs to commit in the #EnvironmentBill to a legally binding target to achieve @WHO guideline levels of fine particulate matter pollution by 2030 at the latest.

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Human activity is damaging Earth's biggest #carbonsinks – forests and oceans, altering their ability to absorb excess CO2. We asked journalist @davidneiladam to investigate how carbon sinks are vital for life on Earth, and why we need to protect them:

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In December, the EU Court confirmed that BPA – a chemical used to make plastics – is indeed dangerous for wildlife. Read our lawyer Alice Bernard's analysis of the judgment in @chemicalwatch.

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Why is the Dogger Bank – a marine protected area in the N. Sea – in the spotlight post-Brexit? Our lawyer John Condon & @UWEBristol’s Dr Tom Appleby discuss this iconic site & how its future management could impact other marine habitats on @Planet_Pod:

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The planet’s natural carbon sinks, like forests and oceans, are vital for keeping the level of harmful CO2 in the atmosphere down, and Earth's temperature from increasing. But our actions are making it harder for carbon sinks to do their job. That’s why we work to protect them.

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“The UK Government must stop hiding behind planning policy to justify business-as-usual approvals of highly polluting projects. It needs to engage with reality and own the decisions that could make or break our long-term climate targets” – lawyer Sam Hunter Jones


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It's now up to Drax to explain how this project squares with the @theCCCuk's latest net zero recommendations. Also if a gas mega plant fits what it told investors about a new focus on "flexible and renewable" energy, if indeed it still wants to build it.


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Breaking: UK Court of Appeal decides Drax can still build Europe's largest gas plant if it wants to.

But ruling sets important precedents:
•Major energy projects can be rejected on climate change grounds
•The Govt must consider carbon lock-in risks of each new project


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Replying to @Planet_Pod: BRAND NEW EPISODE!!💥
Amidst protests, we asked experts what #Brexit actually means for fishermen & precious #marine habitat…

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Replying to @global_returns: In today’s newsletter, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our new interview series: “Tipping the Scales.” Click the…

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UN committee urges the EU to comply with international law on access to justice, a right we've been fighting for. Let people and NGOs go to court to challenge environmental wrongdoings. Time to amend the #Aarhus regulation @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil

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.@ClientEarth alongside partners @GpBulgaria and @zazemiata are asking the @EU_Commission to urgently clamp down on Bulgaria’s ongoing and major breach of EU rules on sulphur dioxide and failure to address super-polluting fossil fuel plants.

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As the dust settles, we consider what #Brexit means for EU+UK fishermen, fish numbers and protected marine habitats like the Dogger Bank. Listen to our lawyer John Condon and @UWEBristol’s Dr Tom Appleby on @Planet_Pod on the future of UK/EU waters:

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The Bulgarian gvt is set to allow several large coal plants, located in the country’s #AirPollution hotspot, to emit almost 2x as much sulphur dioxide than is allowed under EU law. We wrote to the @EU_Commission with @GpBulgaria and @zazemiata.

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In today’s newsletter, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our new interview series: “Tipping the Scales.” Click the link below to view Episode One, featuring a conversation with Dr. @BeccaFarnum.

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Welcome push for #democracy!
UN committee urges the EU to let people and NGOs go to court to challenge environmental wrongdoings, as ClientEarth insisted. #accesstojustice #Aarhus

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Many of Earth's natural carbon sinks are in danger of becoming carbon sources, thanks to human activity. @green_humour takes a look at our damaging effect on the carbon cycle. Please share to help protect our vital carbon sinks, and read more here:

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Bulgaria is the only country in the EU still breaching the bloc’s sulphur dioxide limits. @ClientEarth, @GpBulgaria and @zazemiata have uncovered new evidence that Bulgarian authorities are not taking sufficient measures to reduce the severe SO2 pollution.

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Amidst protests, we asked experts what #Brexit actually means for fishermen & precious #marine habitats like Doggerbank?
#Podcast feat. Dr Tom Appleby @UWEBristol
& @Bluemarinef @ClientEarth's John Condon

#ClimateCrisis #Fishing

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