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Director of #Uppena

Hyderabad, India

Joined on 23 January, 2020

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Thank you so much sir 💗

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Quoted @urstrulyMahesh

#Uppena... One word... CLASSIC! @BuchiBabuSana you've made one of those rare timeless films... Proud of you!

It is a great feeling to be appreciated by you sir...
It is a great closure..🙏🏼
Thanks a lot for those words after watching Uppena... Those words are always special from my first hero.

Can't thank more sir...

You are a truly superstar..

Thank you sir... Thank you so much🙏

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Quoted @AlwaysJani

Awaiting to witness this intense & enthralling love saga #Uppena in theatres on Feb 12th❤️🌊


Wishing #PanjaVaisshnavTej garu @VijaySethuOffl sir @IamKrithiShetty & @BuchiBabuSana garu a grand success 🔥

@aryasukku @ThisIsDSP @NavinNooli

Master ❤️🙏🏼

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Quoted @DirectorMunna1

No doubt u gonna steal Hearts Bucchi ga @BuchiBabuSana love u... ninnu ado maadirigaa premistoo -Munna

Thank you so much Munna ❤️🤗

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It’s an honour to release my Debut Movie Trailer by the hands of my Tiger @tarak9999.Thank you sir.Forever Grateful🙏🏻



#PanjaVaisshnavTej @VijaySethuOffl @IamKrithiShetty @aryasukku @ThisIsDSP @NavinNooli @SukumarWritings @adityamusic

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Quoted @harish2you

A perfect classic melody from Sir ji @ThisIsDSP @BuchiBabuSana has got vision and sensibility.... Srimani nailed it with his top notch lyrics ...... Uppena .. expectations raising

Thank you so much sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Quoted @TheDeverakonda

Launching #JalaJalaJalapaatham for your hearing pleasure :)

Giving my best and wishing all things happy and successful to the 3 debutants Vaishnav, @IamKrithiShetty and @BuchiBabuSana creating some magic 🤗

A @ThisIsDSP musical 🤍 #Uppena

Thank you so much Vijay brother ❤️

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Quoted @MythriOfficial

ఇద్దరు ప్రేమికులు, సముద్రం, ప్రేమ ❤️

The Mid Sea Melody 'JALA JALA JALAPAATHAM NUVVU' Lyrical out tomorrow at 11:07 AM 😍


#PanjaVaisshnavTej @IamKrithiShetty @BuchiBabuSana @aryasukku @ThisIsDSP @NavinNooli @SukumarWritings @adityamusic

Replying to @ThisIsDSP: A song I have been waiting to share with all of U❤️

An Orchestration I did to Represent my Love 4 d SEA..🎶

A Beautiful Sit…

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A song I have been waiting to share with all of U❤️

An Orchestration I did to Represent my Love 4 d SEA..🎶

A Beautiful Situation Created by director @BuchiBabuSana sir
Wit Mindboggling Romantic Visuals😍

LYRICAL VIDEO Tomorrow 11.07AM

@MythriOfficial ❤️🎶
@ShreeLyricist 🔥

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Happy Birthday to Vijay sir love u i sir ❤️❤️💞💕🙏🏼

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Quoted @AlwaysJani

I've watched #UppenaTeaser & @brindagopal master's song, they're awesome❤️

#PanjaVaisshnavTej will shine BIG in TFI, @IamKrithiShetty looks incredibly talented.

@MythriOfficial production values added strength to @BuchiBabuSana's work, DOP #Shamdat visuals & @ThisIsDSP 🎶

Thank you master

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Quoted @AlwaysRamCharan

This teaser is so beautiful !!
My brother #PanjaVaisshnavTej and @IamKrithiShetty make a really fresh pair👍

Wishing the best to @BuchiBabuSana, @MythriOfficial & the entire team of #Uppena.

All the best!

Thank u so much ❤️ charan sir🙏🏼🤗

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I am Super excited to watch SoloBrathukeSoBetter on Big Screen tomorrow...Wishing All the very best Sai garu and Subbu garu...
Don't miss the theatre experience..@IamSaiDharamTej

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*150 Million hearts for 'Nee Kannu Neeli Samudram'❤️.... Thankyou all for the tremendous response 🙏*

 1,223  11  53  Download

Quoted @urstrulyMahesh

AMB re-opens tomorrow! Proud of our hardworking team at @amb_cinemas and all their efforts from the past few weeks to ensure a safe & enjoyable experience for all movie goers... specially during these times! Stay safe😊 #YourSafetyOurPriority #WelcomeBackToAMB


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Quoted @MythriOfficial

And it's a hattrick chartbuster 🤟
5 Million+ views for #Ranguladdhukunna ❤️

Listen & enjoy Rockstar @ThisIsDSP's magical melodies from #Uppena 👉

#PanjaVaisshnavTej @IamKrithiShetty @BuchiBabuSana @aryasukku @SukumarWritings @adityamusic


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Quoted @ThisIsDSP

#NaveenYerneni Sir ..

Love Ur Passion & Child Like Excitement about MUSIC & MOVIES sir !! ❤️😍🤗

Ur appreciation always makes my Day !!
Keep Rocking Wit Ultimate Blockbusters always Sir 🕺❤️


Many more happy returns of the day NAVEEN sir ❤️❤️

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Quoted @harish2you

I know am bit late but this is Beyond awesome Sir jiiiiii @ThisIsDSP ur just rocking with this album 👍👍👍👍 jealous of Director @BuchiBabuSana ...

సార్ మీ గబ్బర్ సింగ్ సాంగ్స్ వింటూ ఇప్పటికీ నేను Jealous ఫీల్ అవుతుంటా సార్...
I am big fan of u Sir ji🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🤗❤️❤️

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Quoted @baraju_SuperHit

'ఇది మన అందరి ప్రేమ పాట ❤️'
Here's #Ranguladdhukunna song from #Uppena 🌊

A Rockstar @ThisIsDSP musical 🎶

#PanjaVaisshnavTej @IamKrithiShetty
@BuchiBabuSana @aryasukku @SukumarWritings @MythriOfficial @adityamusic

Thank you sir

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