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BLM is an affirmation & embrace of the resistance & resilience of Black people. Founded by @osopepatrisse @opalayo @aliciagarza [email protected]


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Black people keep Black people safe. Yesterday, the #BLMSurvivalFund met its goal of committing $3 mil to Black people in need. BLMGNF has now committed $25 mil to Black ppl since 2020. Read our @AP exclusive by @aaronlmorrison to learn more.

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The #BLMSurvivalFund reached its goal of providing cash relief to nearly 3,000 Black ppl within just 12 hrs of launching. It’s clear there is so much need out there.

This was our 1st initiative at investing in Black communities—we don't just want to survive. We want to thrive 🌻

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Happy 25th birthday, Elijah McClain. Today, you should have been dancing, playing music, and continuing to fill every room with your light.

We sing and dance for you today, Elijah.
Rest in power.

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SCOOP: ⁦@Blklivesmatter⁩ is formally launching a $3M ‘Survival Fund,’ as millions await federal COVID-19 stimulus checks. Earlier this week, BLM leaders revealed that they raised $90M in donations last year, amid the uprisings. Details here:

Funding survival so we can thrive 🌻

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We're funding our own survival so we can thrive ✊🏿

Together with BLM Grassroots, we're launching the #BLMSurvivalFund to support Black people facing economic hardship, with priority for those who've been harmed by institutions meant to help them.


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We compiled a list of mutual aid funds and resources of folks on the ground stepping up. Please use and share!

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#Texas is facing a clean water crisis, counties are seeing a rise in carbon monoxide poisoning cases, and where are the so-called Texas "leaders"? Nowhere to be found.

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It's been one year since the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed while out for a run in GA. One year since two white supremacists with ties to the police decided that a Black man running was a threat.

Rest in power, Ahmaud Arbery.

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When we say #DefundThePolice, we mean abolition—we’re not just talking about what we get rid of. It’s also what we create and envision in its place. Radical imagination.

Listen to our ED @osopepatrisse breakdown what abolition means to our movement.

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Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY, is today unveiling a proposal to abolish the city's current police department and create a new, civilian-led agency in which most police duties are done by unarmed workers. Details here:

👏🏾We love to see it @SvanteMyrick

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The epitome of #BlackGirlMagic, Audre Lorde’s commitment to the struggle for intersectional Black liberation remains as one of our movement’s greatest inspiration points. Thank you Audre Lorde, for always speaking truth to power against white supremacy. 

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Our movement has pushed the collective imagination towards what freedom can look like. It looks like abolition, mutual aid, community investment.

Read how our ED @osopepatrisse paints an image of the world we seek to create.

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Happy birthday, John Lewis. Our movement towards Black liberation stands on your shoulders. Thank you for sparking the good trouble in all of us to protect voters’ rights and democracy reform.
Rest in power, Representative Lewis.

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Today, in 1919, W.E.B. Du Bois convened the first Pan-African Congress in France. These congresses set the stage for conversations about the Diaspora and the treatment of Black people around the world. There were seven total congresses.

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We’ve got a new website! 🎉

You’ll be able to find regular updates and access anti-racist resources. There is also an FAQ section that may answer any questions you have.


So proud of our UK team. They just launched their new website!!

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We've seen this story before, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating. Ending white supremacy means ENDING exactly these types of attacks on our communities. Our hearts go out to the people of Texas.

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Today we recognize Dr. Huey Newton, who co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966, alongside Bobby Seale. While incarcerated, Dr. Newton developed much of BPP’s ideological platform and was one of the primary creators of BPP’s community programs.

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It is with deep sorrow that I share the passing of our mother, Ms. Pauline Bowman. She battled Covid for many weeks before transitioning on Valentine’s Day.

Our mother raised us to live our lives with love and joy with and for each other. I share her legacy with all of you.

Congressman Bowman, we are so sorry for your loss. We send you our strength and energies.

You are a beacon of all of your mother’s joys, excellence, and sheer strength. We stand with you.

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