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I am starting a YouTube channel where I break down the all 22 footage from each week of Buffalo Bills football.

Buffalo, NY

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The awards are a joke to me. Last year, McDermott had to do more than sneak into the playoffs as a wild card. Had to actually be good. This year, that's better than 13-3?

Had to be Lafleur or McDermott.

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They provide a mostly subconscious anchor to the real world and help a LOT of people to keep from getting nauseous.

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Imagine how your notifications would have blown up just 3 weeks ago if you alluded to Buffalo not needing to resign Milano.

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How petty and small this interaction was. Hate to see it from a content creator. Disagree with me all you want, but YOU got personal, made claims that were easily google-able to prove they're wrong, then act like the other guy is lying? Please. Grow up.

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Hope people passive aggressively quote tweet my takes on the run game all day. Im ready for that smoke.

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Idc what anyone says, I fell more in love with Josh when he bounced the ball off that dude's head.

Didn't need the rest of it, but I loved the toss.

Enough, now.

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I'd kill for a TE like Kelce. As good as everyone on KC is, he is the one we just can't match.

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Quoted @KyleBrandt

Getting closer. Dinner time πŸ’₯

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Thanks to @arielhelwani for introducing me to the small, regional @PatMcAfeeShow show. ARIEL MADE YOU, PAT. JUST LIKE THE BILLS ARE GONNA MAKE PATTY MAWHOMES WEEP ON SUNDAY.

I hope you put him face to face with Rodgers on Tuesday, ahead of Aaron's pending Super Bowl loss.

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Quoted @ConorOrr

@CoachLocks Also a shout to a few good Bills film reviewers, @BillsFilm and @Billystephens8, who had some great breakdowns and spotlighted a few particular plays that I wanted to ask Locksley about.

#BillsMafia Check out the article from Sports Illustrated that I got a shoutout for! Thanks again, Conor!

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Quoted @VivalaZito

Is Philip Rivers a First Ballot Hall Of Famer?

Presented by @FDSportsbook

#PatMcAfeeShowLIVE #PromoteTheVote

#ForTheShoe #BoltUp

In honor of the end of the Duck Hodges era of Pittsburgh Steeler football, please #RegisterToVote.

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Let's Go Buffa-lo! #BudLightCelly #BillsCelly

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Replying to @BillsFilm: #BillsMafia u still up?

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Quoted @marlon_humphrey

Does Buffalo wings have anything to do with Buffalo, NY?

I think we're overlooking a stupid question here. Had this convo with a Ravens fan earlier today. This feels too soft to be smack talk. Maybe I expect too much from Baltimore. XD

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Quoted @notHuberto

@LOL_at_You6 @PFF Idk who needs to tell u this but in terms of actually throwing the ball Kirk > Allen by a mile


*pause for breath*


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Hey @SalSports I think I was able to bring your analogy to life. How'd I do #BillsMafia !?

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